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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 01, 2013 ) San Francisco, CA -- When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey’s shore line in October of last year, it caused some of the most devastating damage in the state’s history. Scott Zabelski, a New Jersey native, couldn’t help but think up ways he could help relief efforts.

    As the owner of Blue Wave Printing, a screen printing company, Zebelski’s father suggested creating a T-shirt to make for his business and sell for proceeds to the relief effort. That’s when he conjured up the phrase “Restore the Shore” and created a few to hand out to friends and family.

    Before he knew it, people were getting serious reactions and wanted to help out, he decided to sell the T-shirts, along with hooded sweatshirts, and donate part of the proceeds to Hurricane Sandy recovery.

    The very first day he started selling the items, he earned over $1,200 in donations. He used that money to buy gift cards for people he knew that were impacted by the storm. He continued to print T-shirts throughout the night and saw an increase in sales the next day, raising another $5,000 for donations.

    Zabelski says what sets his relief efforts apart is that more money than not went to donations. He simply set the cost to cover his expenses and the rest went to charity. He didn’t actually make any money from the t-shirts himself.

    The recovery process was important to Zabelski, because his parents’ home had been hit pretty hard by the hurricane and sustained a lot of damage. His own home was hardly damaged, but the pain he saw in his parents’ eyes kept urging him to find ways to help.

    In the end, t-shirt sales were so great that by the end of Zabelski’s relief effort, he had raised roughly $517,000.


    Christian-T-Shirts ( is an online catalog for Christian clothing styles. The company is dedicating to helping you pronounce your faith and the good news of salvation by wearing your beliefs on a comfortable but stylish t-shirt, sweatshirt or hat. Christian-T-Shirts has something for everyone, from toddler and youth shirts to adult men and women.

    Benjamin Wrights

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( – July 1, 2013) Camarillo, CA -- Karla Peppas, Digital Marketing expert at “Fresh Collaboration”, announces release of a new book, “Understanding Internet Marketing: Telling the Story of YOUR BUSINESS”. The book is drawn from her experience gained from over 100 successful online and offline marketing ventures.

    Karla’s 10 years in the corporate realm taught her many lessons working with clients. One of these was the challenges women faced in that environment to balance professional goals with their family life. “Within the traditional corporate structure, there isn’t a lot of flexibility to shape your day as best needed to accomplish business goals as well as personal goals. I knew I had to branch out to have the ability to achieve all of my goals, personal and professional."

    Working as Director of Digital Sales for a large multi-market agency, Karla saw firsthand how digital media could generate powerful results for businesses. She was “excited to see how it all comes together to create a success”. Her experience led her to launch “Fresh Collaboration”, a ‘full-service’ digital marketing company.

    “Fresh Collaboration helps companies grow by using digital technology”, said Ms. Peppas. “Our clients get the best results from integrated campaigns. Business promotion is not best when done piece-meal; ideally we want our partners to think of us as a single point of contact, someone that can help them multiple ways. There is a synergy from all the elements working together.”

    Karla is led by her passion for driving results. “You need the desire to truly help people. A dedicated person can learn technical elements, but can’t succeed without the sincere desire to help. We pride ourselves on being partners with our clients.”

    Asked why she chose to write a book, Karla said, “I was doing a lot of training, and I needed to put out the book to make it easier for others to grasp the concepts and apply it to their own businesses”. Asked about the time commitment, Karla said, "I wrote the book during my evenings after leaving the office. The book shares business lessons as they developed and my reflections on daily business. When you’re passionate about something you make time for it. Anything is possible with the right commitment and desire.”

    Karla said, “If someone is trying to start their own business today, where do they begin? All businesses are unique with different needs, but the first step is to set business goals. Develop a search engine plan - this is a great way to get quality leads quickly. Expand your plan to include building relationships with prospects through social media; know what kind of material to post and where to post it. Factor in email marketing and reputation management if they’re aligned with your goals.” The bottom line according to Karla is, "All businesses are different, but everyone needs the plan to follow."

    Additionally Karla said, “Social media is the most active place to connect on a daily basis. Few other outlets are as cost effective. Social media is like word of mouth accelerated. Social media lets you spread from community to community. This is a great multiplier effect, and the result is new customers.”

    Karla warns, “You need to understand the medium. A common mistake is thinking it is free; it is not. Social Media takes time, money, resources, and it needs a strategy. This strategy starts with clearly defined goals.”

    “You need to define the voice of the company, decide which of the platforms to engage in and then monitor what works best for you. You need to think about the time of day and which days to post.”

    A social media consultant can help anyone who wants clients. It is especially good for small businesses because it is cheaper than traditional advertising. You can target your clients by demographic or interest, and the targeted messages produce good results. Karla says, “Social media is for anyone who wants to be effective with their marketing budget.”

    While having a good design sense or marketing background can help you succeed at a single aspect, a business needs someone who knows all aspects "because there really is a science it", she said.

    The worst mistake most people make is they don't understand social media as a business tool. They have no strategy, don’t know what to post, when to post, and fail at the execution. “Failure is not the platform but novice mistakes.”

    The most common mistake is too much on self-promotion. Karla warns, “Remember, it is not about your business - it is about your customer.”

    Fresh Collaboration is designed to help such businesses with social media and other online marketing tools. “We help clients maximize engagement opportunities. We have internal trainers to teach clients' staff, or our in-house staff will execute it for them. They create posts, and handle user engagement.”

    Karla’s final remark was, “Action is the first step to success. If you have a dream, you have to go for it. Most people make the mistake of not taking action, and that’s the one mistake you can’t recover from.”


    For more information on Karla Peppas and Fresh Collaboration visit

    or call 615.545.6314

    Her book, “Understanding Internet Marketing: Telling the Story of YOUR BUSINESS” is available on Amazon.

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    Interviewed by: Mike Taylor

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 04, 2013 ) Irving, CA --
    As the number of single mothers in the United States increases, women seeking state assistance have dramatically doubled as well. As of today, about 4 out of 10 children are born outside marriage and are being supported by unwed mothers. What is more alarming is that single motherhood is now prevalent not only in minorities and poorer sectors, but has gradually evolved into a norm for most women as the numbers keep rising every year. With these statistics, it’s no surprise why help for single mothers is much needed today, more than ever.

    One leading website whose goal is to extend help to single mothers is They provide information and are a growing community where women who are facing the challenge of raising their children on their own can find hope and much needed support.

    According to statistics, one of the biggest challenges these women face is being able to provide adequate financial support for their children, as many of them have jobs that do not have sick leave. Too poor to hire help, these moms are the sole caretakers of their children, forcing them to lose their jobs if their child gets sick and needs special attention.

    In a special report by, they revealed this disturbing reality:
    “Single mothers’ economic vulnerability is also hugely impacted by the fact that they are their children’s sole caretakers. The U.S. is the only country in the top fifteen most competitive ones that doesn’t mandate paid sick leave (not to mention that we’re the only advanced country that doesn’t guarantee paid vacation time). If a child gets sick, a single mother is faced with leaving work and risking her job (or at the very least, losing a day’s worth of pay) with no one else to fall back on.” -, "The Rise and Downfall of the American Single Mother".

    To continue their mission of empowering single mothers with the knowledge to help them in their struggles, has recently added a new section in their website featuring grants for single mothers in various states. In this new page, their subscribers can easily view information about different programs for each state designed to help single parents. Those who are seeking free government grants need not look further, as there are comprehensive lists of programs for each state that will provide the information needed.

    In addition, a new forum has been created with the aim of providing a single hub for single mothers to feel a part of a larger community of women who are experiencing the challenges of single parenting. Visitors are invited to partake in the discussion and share the ups & downs of being a single mother.

    With these newly added features, has once again fulfilled their commitment of providing assistance for single mothers through valuable information and education. For more information, visit their website today at or contact their representative directly.
    About SMG:
    A renowned website offering free information for women seeking financial assistance in the form of grants for single mothers to help them raise their children. By providing timely information and adequate education, the site is providing an invaluable service for many single mothers in the United States.

    Susan Stephan

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( – July 4, 2013) Camarillo, CA -- Tom Force is still saddened by the lost chance his family members had to say good bye to mother. She lived in senior complex, seemingly in good health. When her neighbors found her unconscious after suffering an aneurysm, she was rushed to the hospital, and hours later slipped into a fatal coma.

    Tom regrets the 7 hours that passed before the hospital called, hours he and his family could have spent with her. A lost chance simply because no one knew who to contact. Tom recalls this experience in an interview by Sr. Editor Mike Taylor and explains the I.C.E. Keytags and how they came into being.

    Asked about the origin of the I.C.E. Keytag, Tom said, “It was the result of my personal concern with the way things played out with Mom. In the time lost contacting us, we would have had a chance to say good bye to Mother. My daughter worked late night shifts at a restaurant. What would happen to her in an emergency? Would anyone call if she was hurt, or would she just not be there one morning?”

    “I didn’t sleep well at nights”, says Tom.

    Tom came up with the I.C.E. Keytag as the perfect way to put emergency contact information literally into the hands of an emergency responder. In case of an auto accident, their first action is to turn off the ignition. The over-sized tag on the key-ring carries emergency I.C.E. labeling, alerting police or paramedics who to call in case of emergency.

    Tom said, “We found (his mother’s) keys on the kitchen table. What if I.C.E. Keytags had come along a few years earlier? What if we had given the paramedics or one of her concerned neighbors a fighting chance of finding my sister’s phone number at 9am – rather than 4pm? Having those few hours with her would have been priceless.”

    Most people think that a driver’s license, insurance or bank card is all they need for identity, but Tom points out, “Emergency personnel are busy working on you. Who has time to track down next of kin? If they search by address, your information may be wrong. Or no contacts are listed.”

    The I.C.E. Keytags’ prominent alert label has other uses besides you keychain. “People are on the go”, said Tom. “They’re out jogging, biking, running, golfing – one of these on your backpack, bike or golf bag could save your life.”

    The company website also has a free download ‘Emergency Medical Services’ document you can print and carry in your auto’s glove box. “It is a place to put instructions to someone helping you if you are incapacitated”, said Tom. “If you could wake up for a minute to tell the medics something – it should go in here.” The website also has bright decals available that alert EMTs to your EMS info.

    Tom is proud of the impact this American made product is having on businesses, charities and the public.

    Tom has supplied the tags printed with business names to give to their customers, animal rescue shelters and other charities identify their cause. “Business owns say they can’t wait to give them away, and fund-raisers have something of value to offer for donations. People remember”, Tom said.

    Stephanie Miller, independent I.C.E. Keytag representative said, "My clients love them. They love everything about them. They focus on the emergency notification aspect and are giving their customer base something that helps them in a time of need". She added, “They provide peace of mind for your customers and their families. You can't get any better."

    Tom’s veteran-owned company stepped up when the local Fire Department ran a fund raiser for an air tanker crew memorial. “I made tags and gave them out. We let people throw money into the hat and raised $2,600. This is not a trinket - it will be of value and always on their key-ring”, said Tom.

    Businesses or organizations interested in providing the keytags can download a complete marketing plan from the I.C.E. Keytag website.

    401 North Carroll Ave #117
    Southlake, TX 76092

    888-901-2477 Office
    952-658-0292 Fax


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    Article by Mike Taylor


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 05, 2013 ) Edgbaston -- Unity4, the global home agent contact centre outsourcer and technology provider, has presented the award for Fundraiser of the Year at this year’s Midlands Air Ambulance (MAA) Recognition Awards and Charity Ball.

    The sell-out night, held in Edgbaston Stadium, raised £20,000 and attracted 450 guests from the world of business, sport and entertainment.

    Unity4 CEO Dan Turner presented the Fundraiser of the Year award to Eddie Heath from Dilhorne in Staffordshire, who had successfully raised £7500 for the charity.

    “We take pride in the fact that we are able to help in this worthy endeavour. We're delighted to be part of this year’s MAA Recognition Awards and Charity Ball and we salute the efforts of everyone working to make a difference in other people's lives.” related Turner.

    Without funding from the government or lottery, MAA relies solely on donations to keep its three helicopters, carrying full life-support medical equipment and paramedics, flying over Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands.

    Aside from acknowledging the efforts of supporters and volunteers who helped raise the necessary funds as well as the organisations whose donations ensured the availability of this life-saving service, MAA also honoured the aircrew who regularly go beyond the call of duty as well as the airlift survivors who have emerged from traumatic experiences.

    MAA is one of the longest established and busiest air ambulance charity in United Kingdom having responded to more than 38,000 missions since it began in 1991. This averages 3,000 missions per year or close to 10 each day.

    Not for profit organisations have been benefitting from Unity4’s experience in fundraising telemarketing. For the MAA, Unity4 has been able to recruit 1,455 regular donors and contribute 334 one off donations via telephone since it began the campaign. It also provides fundraising activities for Wales Air Ambulance as well as North West Air Ambulance, emerging as a key player in this sector.

    Among the call centre services Unity4 provides the Not for Profit segment (from health associations to humanitarian institutions and public advocacy groups amongst many others), are donor acquisition, reactivation, regular giving, upgrade and management campaigns. It also undertakes bequests, credit card expiry campaigns, and merchandise sales.

    Utilising best-practices in telemarketing along with its lead generation and outbound dialling capabilities, Unity4 is helping Not for Profit organisations touch base with occasional supporters and entice them to sign up as regular donors, as well as promote their important role in the community and drive continued support from existing donors.

    Steve Morris
    +44 01746 330 054

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 11, 2013 ) ChristianSteven Software will be hosting a Charity golf tournament on Thursday July 18th at the Rye Hill Golf Club in Ban bury Oxfordshire for the benefit of Helen and Douglas House, a hospice specializing in the care of people under 30. (
    “We are very excited to sponsor this tournament,” Says Ian Gifford, Chief Operating Officer for ChristianSteven software. “Not only will this Golf Day benefit a local charity, it is a tremendous opportunity to engage with the community.”
    The tournament will feature teams of 4 golfers or individuals that can join a team on the tournament day. prizes will be awarded both to teams and individuals with a Grand Prize trip for two at the Quinta do Lago Country Club on the Algarve in Portugal.
    ChristianSteven will be coordinating the event in conjunction with the Business Wealth Club. Throughout the day there will be breakfast, lunch, and a Charity Auction. Other sponsors present will include Audi Oxford, Golf Tech Systems and Lord Nelson Inn and Restaurant .
    “Businesses and individuals in the Oxford area are encouraged to participate or even donate,” Says Mr. Gifford. “It will be a fun filled day of golfing, networking, and prizes; all for a great cause. ”
    Teams can sign up for the tournament for 225 Pounds or 60 Pounds for an individual. Those unable to participate in the tournament can still contribute to the event by visiting the donation page ( For more information about this event, contact Christopher Moore at 01865 893290 or by email at
    About christiansteven Software Ltd.:
    ChristianSteven Software ( is a global supplier of business intelligence and business process automation software to more than 1500 companies. Products can be customized and scaled to meet the needs of large multi-national companies or those with changing and expanding structures.
    With locations in the USA and Europe, ChristianSteven Software’s professional personnel ensure that all products and consultancy services are customer-focused and will add quantifiable, bottom-line value by giving company decision makers critical business information they need to rapidly adjust to changes in their market.

    Johnathan Lucky
    888 781 8966 x102

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 19, 2013 ) Detroit – Many women in and near Detroit suffer every day from domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, and more. These women know they can do better but cannot figure what steps to take to become better. On August 3, Ericka Murria of 1st Lady Motivations and Supreme Transitions will be hosting the 2nd Annual "Transition into your God Essence" Womens Empowerment Conference 2013 to help women in transition understand how to become successful entrepreneurs. The conference will be at the Roberts Riverwalk Hotel in Detroit.

    Murria wants to help women in transitional housing, shelters, reentry programs from prison, and spiritual auxiliaries to think more of themselves, love themselves, come out of whatever situation that they may be experiencing for the better, and to gain a self-love in learning that they are the first lady in their own homes, community, and personal lives. She wants these women to know that it is OK to love yourself and build yourself by self-reflection and addressing some key areas in womanhood.

    97.9 FM radio personality Tracey McCaskill, Gail Perry Mason of Openheimer Funds, Lady Lisa Butler of the Ladies First radio show, Versandra Kennebrew of Whole Foods, and Detroit entrepreneur Monae Rawls will be featured on a panel. The event will host several speakers: Harlan "Jay" Bivens to discuss relationships, Steven Pierce of Fox 2 to discuss health, Joel Bellamy will discuss finance, Ray Winans will discuss motherhood, and Eddie Connor will discuss beauty.

    Muria explained, “At 28 years old I started a nonprofit to assist my community to become totally self sufficient in the areas of employment, education, mental health services, affordable housing and transportation leads and referrals. (I was motivated to help women in my community) due to my own history of struggle after the passing of my mother at the age of 16, becoming a homeless teen mom, trying to escape a domestic violence situation.”

    Ericka Murria overcame a lot of struggles. She lost her mom when she was just 16 years old. Unexpectedly she found herself pregnant at 17. She gave birth to her daughter. At 18, she and her daughter were homeless, bouncing from house to house of different family members and friends. She had trouble qualifying for any of the state programs for help. Ericka became pregnant another time and was homeless another time. She even was a victim of rape and domestic violence.

    Murria wants to help women develop a self love and priority for self to set, obtain, and accomplish goals they have or aspire to achieve.

    Ericka completed her high school education 6 months early, and began her higher education at Wayne State University. She attended Kaplan College for medical office specialty, and she completed the program with an overall 3.8 GPA. She is currently enrolled at Wayne State University, pursuing her Bachelors in Human Services.

    To register for this event, visit or or call Lavette Jones at 248-742-LADY (5239).

    A portion of the proceeds will go to S.A.F.E. (Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment), OPEN for business conference (October 2013), and Sara's House Community Baby Shower 2014.

    Also, a portion of each ticket is donated to a woman in transition for her attendance, brunch, and transportation to this event.

    Each ticket includes brunch, picture, gift bags, & massages.

    About Ericka Murria: Ericka Murria is a survivor of rape, domestic violence, depression, homelessness, welfare, lack of education, & unemployment. She lives her life by the quote, “My life is not my own but for those who may come there after.” Ericka speaks to empower women ages 16– and up in all arenas and shares her testimony with others to encourage them and give them hope.

    She has been the keynote speaker at conferences promoting entrepreneurship for survivors of Domestic Violence. Ericka has encouraged viewers through various internet radio shows and talk shows.

    About Supreme Transitions: Her nonprofit organization, “Supreme Transitions”, is helping all members of the community become totally self-sufficient.

    Ericka Murria
    (248) 742-5239

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 23, 2013 ) Detroit, MI – Women often complain that they do not understand how men think. This is an age-old frustration between the sexes, and Harlan “Jay” Bivens of the non-profit community activist group Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) will be giving a talk at the 2nd Annual "Transition into your God Essence" Womens Empowerment Conference 2013 on August 3 at the Robets Riverwalk Hotel in Detroit.

    Bivens explains, “It has been my experience that women hold a special place in shaping our world. I believe that learning about relationships from a male’s perspective gives women some much-needed insight.”

    In addition to being the co-director of BDYM, Harlan Bivens also owns (, a Detroit barbershop near University of Detroit’s campus. Owning a successful Salon where "the talk" often happens, he looks forward to sharing insights into the way men think. He asks, “What better way to establish some dialogue around healthy working relationships (than sharing what he has learned from listening to men and women in the barber shop)?”

    Bivens has done a lot of work surrounding domestic violence from the Documentary "Love is Not a Black Eye." His personal work involved assisting ladies as well as young women find shelters and mentors. He added, “When I was younger and seeing domestic violence first hand allowed me to understand some of the pain in unhealthy relationship.”

    He continued, “Like most people on the planet we want joy all of the time and making others responsible for that joy. Many people will never explore the true love within mankind and our responsibility to have open hearts to connect with the planet and people.”

    This event will be held on August 3 with registration beginning at 9 a.m. and the event beginning at 10 a.m. Harlan Bivens will be speaking at the conference at the Roberts Riverwalk Hotel, located at 1000 River Place Drive in Detroit.

    To register for this event, visit or call Lavette Jones at 248-742-LADY (5239).

    A portion of the proceeds will go to S.A.F.E. (Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment), OPEN for business conference (October 2013), and Sara's House Community Baby Shower 2014.

    Also, a portion of each ticket is donated to a woman in transition for her attendance, brunch, and transportation to this event.

    Each ticket includes brunch, picture, gift bags, & massages.

    About Harlan “Jay” Bivens: Harlan “Jay” Bivens is not simply any ordinary barber; he is a community activist in every aspect of his life. He owns and founded and co-directs the Better Detroit Youth Movement non-profit organization. He makes people in the community have good looking hair while providing the community with care.

    As a mentor and motivational speaker, not to mention an actor and model, Jay has created and follows a lifelong commitment toward seeking ways to create opportunities for people in the community, especially children and young adults in Detroit. To learn more about Harlan “Jay” Bivens can make your hair look better or improve your neighborhood, you can contact him at (313) 350-0697.

    About Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM): The Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) is a non-profit coalition of positive-minded individuals and groups who are committed to working together with communities, parents, schools and students to improve the quality of life and learning for our city's children.

    Citizen volunteerism, and youth engagement and participation are key components of the BDYM. We believe by fostering higher levels of communication, cooperation and collaboration among our citizens and communities, while seeking out areas where we can better work together, we will achieve greater success with and for our young generation. For more information, visit

    Harlan "Jay" Bivens
    (313) 350-0647

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, August 01, 2013 ) Detroit, MI – Many people would love to learn how to draw but do not know how to go about it, and the City of Detroit is improving in many ways but many non-profit organizations trying to help still need help raising funds. Painting with a Twist in Ferndale is blending the two by hosting a fundraising event hosted by a person who helps teach people how to paint while drawing the Spirit of Detroit. Part of the proceeds of the event will go toward the Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM).

    The Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) will host a fundraiser on Sunday, August 4, at Painting with a Twist located at 320 W. 9 Mile Road in Ferndale starting at 10:30 a.m.

    Painting with a Twist will host a fun group and individual activity where a professional artist will lead participants to paint the Spirit of Detroit. Participants are encouraged to bring a “twist” of something, whether it be food or drink, to share with the group.

    Painting with a Twist employs aspiring artists, and the company recognized that the talents and enthusiasm of the staff were key elements to the success. Nationwide, the company produced and own the copyright to over 2500 pieces of art. The instructors use an easy to follow piece of art for the inexperienced painter. The artwork ranges from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and florals.

    For this event, the group will paint the Spirit of Detroit.

    Tickets are being sold for $40, with $5 of each ticket sale going towards the BDYM, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing options and opportunities. To purchase tickets visit barbershop at 17178 Livernois Avenue in Detroit, or call (313) 350-0697.

    For more information contact Jessica Cotton at (313) 433-6991 or


    The Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) is a non-profit coalition of positive-minded individuals and groups who are committed to working together with communities, parents, schools and students to improve the quality of life and learning for our city's children.

    Citizen volunteerism, youth engagement and participation are key components of the BDYM. We believe by fostering higher levels of communication, cooperation and collaboration among our citizens and communities, while seeking out areas where we can better work together, we will achieve greater success with and for our young generation.

    For more information, you can visit or

    Harlan "Jay" Bivens
    (313) 350-0569

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, August 22, 2013 ) San Francisco, CA -- With many couples wanting to adopt a baby or child in the United States to call their own, many may not understand the way the process works or how much it may cost in the end. While many times adoption does cost more than having your own child, due to legal fees, adoption fees and other expensive, Adoptimist has released a new infograph that explains the number of private adoptions in the United States and what they cost.

    Around 52 percent of couples in the United States look into private adoption because of infertility issues. Because of this Adoptimist wants potential parents to understand the expenses of adopting a child privately. Many couples, around 33 percent, are able to adopt a child with all fees included for less than $5,000.

    On the bright side, 57 percent of families that have reported on private adoption have had a very positive experience with their attorney or adoptive agency. Unfortunately, just as often as families spend $5,000 on an adoption, others spend $10,000 or more.

    Adoptomist also outlined open adoptions in the United States, and shows in the new infograph that the percentage of families with pre-adoption agreements to keep the process open is around 67 percent. In fact, 68 percent of families post-adoption contact with birth family members, allowing the child to have a relationship with their birth family, such as parents, grandparents, and siblings, if there are any.

    Sources used in the infograph include statistics from Statistic Brain, Adoptive Families, and ASPE in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. To learn more about different types of adoption in the U.S., visit Adoptomist today.


    Adoptimist ( connects expecting mothers looking for adoption options for their child and adoptive parents. The company provides adoption-ready families and hopeful families from all walks of life, including parent and adoption profiles. As a leader in the growing field of online adoption connections, the professionals at Adoptomist are dedicated to innovative and cost-effective family building. If you’re ready to get started on the adoption process, visit the website today. See their newly released infographic here -

    Customer Service

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, August 23, 2013 ) Minneapolis, MN -- A group of locked-out patrons and donors of the Minnesota Orchestra whose input, advice, and questions have been ignored by the board and management of the Minnesota Orchestral Association announces their launch of “Save Our Symphony Minnesota” (SOSMN). The new organization launched its website, and companion Facebook page on Tuesday, August 20. In the first 48 hours, the Facebook page has generated over 3700 “likes,” evidence that there is a large community of individuals looking for ways to end the lockout and provide a resolution to save the Minnesota Orchestra as a cultural institution. The website and Facebook page have sparked national and international attention, with views and responses in the thousands and references from highly regarded industry journalists.

    SOSMN seeks to serve as the vehicle for concrete community action to end the lockout, bring back world-class symphonic live music, and demand accountability of the Board and Management of The Minnesota Orchestral Association.

    Through its Facebook page, SOSMN will keep the community informed about the latest news and offer a platform for feedback and reaction. Through its website, the group will provide resources and detailed information about the Minnesota Orchestral Association and its lockout of its musicians, and provide ideas for individual action, links to news stories, samples of letters to officials and media, and opportunities for group action.

    SOSMN is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota but is collaborating with audiences and donors of other orchestras across the United States and around the world.

    The lockout of Minnesota Orchestra musicians and the absence of concerts by the world-famous Minnesota Orchestra have been underway for more than 10 months. The situation has reached a crisis level. Action is required now.


    Nils Halker

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 06, 2013 ) Port Charlotte, FL - Gifts with a Twist, a family owned business which provides various theme based basket gifts, has recently announced that it is donating 100% of its profits to C.A.R.E Inc for the rest of the year 2013. The donation which started from July 15th has already created a massive buzz in the industry, where customers and competitors alike are praising Gifts with a Twist for its generosity and for setting a bold example.

    Gifts with a Twist informed that C.A.R.E. was chosen for the donation because of the critical services it provides in Charlotte County and they wanted to offer their help in keeping the community safe and secure. C.A.R.E helps victims/survivors of domestic violence sexual assault and other violent crimes, and promotes non-violent relationships by example and education.

    Gifts with a Twist gift baskets are known for their unique theme and customization options as per customer requirements. Since the company is family owned, the focus of their service is in providing quality products by giving special attention to every basket. The online catalog currently has over 40 themes such as gift baskets for new moms, birthdays, Thank You baskets, get well soon baskets, romantic baskets, Mother’s Day baskets and many more. Customers can also create completely custom baskets by sending details of a specific theme or products to include.

    Despite the availability of similar service providers, Gifts with a Twist has consistently stood out amongst the rest due to its innovation and high quality finishing. Their gift baskets have an impressive impact and are always appreciated by the receivers. The fact that high percentage of their orders are repeat customers and referrals, reflects the great customer satisfaction Gifts with a Twist provides.

    Apart from donating all profits to C.A.R.E, the company is also offering exclusive discounts on certain gift baskets such as their New Mom gift baskets line, Get Well & Care packages, Birthday Gift Baskets and other theme based baskets. Interested customers can now take this rare opportunity of donating to an essential foundation and purchasing premium gift baskets through Gifts with a Twist.

    About Gifts with a Twist
    Gifts with a Twist is a family owned company based out of Port Charlotte, Florida that provides various uniquely designed gift baskets. Through the online platform,, the company’s extensive catalog of gift baskets with specific themes can be viewed and ordered online. Gifts with a Twist has recently gained immense praise for donating 100% of its second half of 2013 profits to The Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies (C.A.R.E.).


    For more information about Gift Baskets for New Moms, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of, please call at 941-249-3090 or email to

    Janet Bresky

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 10, 2013 ) Highland Park, NJ -- Team building exercises and retreats for corporations are big business. Companies spend thousands each year to help bring employees together under a common umbrella. Smaller companies struggle with this, mostly because they lack sufficient funds to attend these camps or afford coaches.

    For these smaller companies or departments of larger companies, there is The website helps groups develop those same skills and team building exercises without the expense of camps or coaches.

    “We have cut the expense out for companies and provided essentially the same information and exercises that you would find at these camps and from coaches,” said Brad Thompson of

    Each article has some excellent suggestions that are inexpensive and more importantly, work to help create a common ethos among employees. Regardless if it is a for-profit or non-profit group, each technique and exercise works to break barriers and rebuild the team into a more cohesive group.

    “It is proven that laughter and synergy work well to bring people together. Each of these activities use one or both of these in team exercises,” said Thompson.


    Additional information about team building exercises and activities are available at the website. Visit for more details and examples.

    Brad Thompson
    (732) - 945 - 1733

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 11, 2013 ) WEST PALM BEACH, FL — The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County held its Annual Gala Saturday, September 7 at The Breakers in recognition of the organizations that contributed to the economic success of the county this year. Representing the Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers at the event was Dr. Rachel Docekal, chief executive officer of the Hanley Center Foundation and vice president of external relations for Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers’ southeast region.

    As an event sponsor, the Hanley Center was able to both support the BDB and Palm Beach County while spreading the message that comprehensive and compassionate addiction recovery is always available to those in need through the many services of the organization.

    Dr. Docekal has been an active leader in the community, receiving the Influential Business Women Award from the South Florida Business Journal in 2012, and serving on the board of directors for the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, in addition to being a chamber trustee. The BDB Annual Gala offered the Hanley Center and Dr. Docekal the opportunity to connect with 500 business leaders in the community and to shed light on the importance of addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.

    About the Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers

    Hanley Center is a residential addiction treatment center headquartered in West Palm Beach, offering a broad spectrum of programs based on the most advanced research in the disease of addiction. From detoxification and medical stabilization to individualized treatment and continuing-care planning, Hanley Center prides itself on offering the most innovative and effective treatment programs designed by professional experts in their respective fields. Unique to the center is the “Hanley Model of Care,” which includes age and gender-specific treatment programs.

    In addition to treatment, Hanley Center offers prevention outreach programs for parents, community groups, and middle and high school students, which have had an enormously positive impact on the lives of thousands of individuals. For more information, contact the Hanley Treatment Center at (866) 4HANLEY.

    PMP Marketing Group

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    Save Our Symphony MN Logo


    Save Our Symphony MN Square Logo


    Video report from a prior rally

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 20, 2013 ) Starting at about 5:00 pm today, SOSMN supporters will be greeting Symphony Ball and Crash the Ball attendees as they arrive, communicating with them by placards, voice and music about ending the lockout of Minnesota Orchestra musicians, and inviting them to join SOSMN's efforts to end the lockout.

    Scheduled rally activities include instrumental performances, choral performances, short statements by movement leaders, and more. Performers will come from many genres of music, and will include the legendary Charlie Maguire, the Twin Cities Labor Chorus, New Orleans style jazz group Band of Praise, and the Twin Cities Horn Club. Musicians from all traditions recognize the damage the Minnesota Orchestra lockout has done to our arts community.

    This rally, sponsored and organized by SOSMN, will take place irrespective of the state of the lockout. It is not SOSMN's intention to vilify the donors who are attending the two Ball events, but rather to celebrate music and musicians while asking Ball attendees to use their influence to bring back the Orchestra.

    Save Our Symphony Minnesota is a large coalition of patrons, donors, and students whose concerns have gone unaddressed by the board and management of the Minnesota Orchestral Association during its nearly year-long lockout of orchestra musicians.

    Mariellen Jacobson

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Peter Popoff

    Peter Popoff

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 20, 2013 ) Kansas City, MO -- Peter Popoff brought his message of hope, deliverance, faith, and healing to the large crowd that gathered to hear him.

    Rev. Popoff has an uncanny ability to get the Word of God into the hands of men and women seeking a message of faith in our trouble times, and did just that in Kansas City.

    Rev Popoff's ministry began in his mind, long before coming to the United States.

    In the early days of his ministry, Peter Popoff was compelled by God to reach out to Eastern Europe and the underground church that was persecuted by Communism.

    Before coming to the United States, Peter’s father and grandfather were both tortured for their faith. Despite harassment from the Communist government, Peter’s father and family escaped Berlin, and came to the USA in 1950. With these memories of persecution fresh in young Peter’s mind, he received a childhood call from God to enter the ministry.

    Peter graduated from college and married Elizabeth in 1971, then began Peter Popoff Ministries.

    In 1976 Peter started a radio program and continued to preach at churches and conferences across America. During this time, he also courageously led Bible smuggling operations that penetrated both the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe and the Bamboo Curtain of China.

    Often using unusual methods, Peter used every means that God made available to get the Word into the hands of hungry men and women in oppressed nations.

    In the 1980′s and 1990′s, Peter Popoff used helium filled balloons to bombard cities with the Gospel. Packets filled with Gospels were sealed in watertight coverings and carried by the tides to teachers in areas where the Gospel was forbidden. The result of these Gospel Invasions was phenomenal.

    To this day, thousands of underground Christian believers are extremely grateful for Peter’s commitment. Their spiritual life was made possible because of the help of the evangelist, Peter Popoff.

    Peter explains, “Whether it be by land or sea, the Gospel can penetrate ‘closed doors.’ Launching teams can drop Gospel literature into the ocean, fill balloons with tracts, or do whatever it takes, to take the Word of God to the shores of countries closed to the Gospel.” Peter Popoff directly or indirectly distributed tons of Gospel literature worldwide.

    Meanwhile, crowds longing for the power of God walked for miles and gathered just to hear Reverend Popoff preach and to experience a supernatural touch from heaven. In fact, in the town of Odessa, Russia, over 30,000 people gathered during just one service where God’s miracle-working power took over and set people free.

    Since his childhood, Peter knew he was called to reach the world with the Gospel. His heart was filled with an intense passion for the Word of God and with a desire for people to experience God’s supernatural presence.

    In 1982, Peter expanded his horizons and started a television program. Today, his powerful weekly program can be seen on major TV networks across North America and is carried by satellite to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

    For over four decades, Peter Popoff has spearheaded a ministry that has proclaimed the life-changing miracle power of Jesus Christ.

    Reaching out and touching hurting people with the good news of the Gospel has always been at the heart of Peter Popoff Ministries. Countless number of men, women, and children have been supernaturally healed and delivered through Peter’s multi-faceted ministry.

    You can learn more about Peter Popoff Ministries and People United for Christ at

    Amy McColgan

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 20, 2013 ) Indianapolis, IN -- Peter Popoff, Christian minister of over 40 years and founder of Peter Popoff Ministries and People United for Christ, appeared in Indianapolis on June 10th to bring his message of hope, faith, and healing to his followers in Indiana.

    Rev. Popoff is especially talented at bringing the word of God and the scriptures to those in need of healing, due mostly to his early experiences in life.

    Having spent the earliest years of his life behind the Iron Curtain in East Berlin, Rev. Popoff witnessed, first-hand, Christians being tortured for their faith by the Communists. In fact, Peter Popoff himself and his father were victims of this.

    Fortunately, Rev. Popoff and his father escaped Communism and made their way to the United States in 1950. With the horrific experiences he suffered under totalitarian rule fresh in his mind, Peter had a strong calling from God to enter the ministry and to help those in suffering.

    Today, thousands of faithful Christians around the world are grateful for Peter's commitment, experience, and his trust in God to help those in need. For many, who have undergone unimaginable hardship and are seeking an answer somewhere, it is Peter Popoff who leads them to safety in God's comfort and in the healing hands of Jesus Christ.

    Rev. Popoff, desiring to bring hope and faith to as many people as possible, began his television ministry in the early eighties. This ministry has proclaimed the life-changing, healing power of Jesus Christ for millions in need of salvation.

    The mission of Peter Popoff and Peter Popoff Ministries has always been, and always will be, reaching out and touching those in pain with the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Popoff brought that very message to the faithful in Indianapolis this past June and those who came went away glad for the experience of receiving God's message of healing through Peter Popoff.

    To see a schedule of Peter Popoff Ministries television programs and to learn more about People United for Christ, please see

    Amy McColgan

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    Peter Popoff Outreach

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 20, 2013 ) Washington, DC -- The Reverend Peter Popoff, founder and pastor of Peter Popoff Ministries of Upland, California, made an appearance in our nation's capitol on June 11, 2013, bringing his message of hope, faith, and particularly healing, to thousands in DC.

    Rev. Popoff devotes his life to bringing hope, and healing through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, to those hurting and in need.

    Thousands of sick and injured have found miraculous healing through the Word of God and the healing touch of faith, delivered by Peter Popoff.

    It was no different this June, when Rev. Popoff and his ministry visited Washington, DC and touched the lives of thousands of people, many in pain and suffering.

    Peter Popoff is no stranger to suffering himself. Born behind the Iron Curtain, Rev. Popoff and his dad suffered horrific torture under the brutal hand of Communism because of their belief in God and in our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

    It was these early experiences that conviced Peter to go into the ministry and devote his life to helping those who have suffered the way he did in communist East Germany.

    Rev. Popoff's dreams came closer to reality when his family immigrated to the United States in 1950. He began his preaching career early on, and started his television ministry, Peter Popoff Ministries, in 1982.

    His accomplishments are profound, and he attracts huge crowds wherever he goes. In fact, in Odessa, Russia, over 30,000 people turned out during just one service, in search of hope through the Word of God, delivered by Rev. Popoff.

    For over four decades, Peter Popoff has been delivering that message of hope, and certainly did not fail in DC on June 11. He is also founder of People United for Christ.

    To learn more about Peter Popoff Ministries and their television schedule, and his organization People United for Christ, please see

    Amy McColgan

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    Peter Popoff

    Peter Popoff Ministries

    Peter Popoff
    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 21, 2013 ) Los Angeles, CA -- Peter Popoff, of Peter Popoff Ministries and People United for Christ, and author of several popular religious books, made an appearance where he preached to thousands of followers in Boston on August 20, 2013.

    Popoff's visit was scheduled as part of his current U.S. tour, where he is visiting several cities where his followers have requested an appearance and where he is holding outreach congregations. He has been on the road since June, visiting three cities per month while spending the off-time at home in southern California.

    At his outreach congregation in Boston, he preached the message of hope, faith, deliverance from failure, and healing through the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Peter Popoff is especially known for his powerful message of healing, that God controls the body through the mind, and that those with strong enough faith can heal afflictions and disease through intense faith in God.

    Many in the congregation, who are suffering from physical ailments, were comforted in Popoff's explanation that the very same God who created their bodies also had the means of fixing those very same bodies, when healing became necessary.

    Thousands turned out to hear the words of Rev. Popoff, who has built a tremendous following during his over forty years in the ministry here in the United States. Peter Popoff, however, is no stranger to large crowds -- his record large audience was in Odessa, Russia, where he ministered to over 30,000 people!

    Many are unaware that Rev. Popoff is himself an immigrant. It was during his early years, suffering at the hand of a brutal dictatorship in East Germany as a child, that he began to understand the suffering that many who proclaim faith in God and in Jesus Christ will come to bear.

    Popoff and his family were persecuted for their religious faith. These early experiences instilled in him an unstoppable, burning desire to bring the message of God's love and hope to millions of people.

    The Popoff family was fortunate to immigrate to the United States in 1950. Peter Popoff entered into the ministry as a young adult, and finally, in the early eighties, he begain his television ministry, Peter Popoff Ministries, and also founded People United for Christ, which also publishes his books, including the popular, "You Can Defeat Satan and Laugh All The Way to the Bank," among others.

    To learn more about Peter Popoff, Peter Popoff Ministries, and People United for Christ, please see

    Amy McColgan

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Peter Popoff

    Peter Popoff Outreach

    Peter Popoff
    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 21, 2013 ) Los Angeles, CA -- Peter Popoff Ministries, the church and outreach ministry founded by Rev. Peter Popoff, who is also founder of People United for Christ, held an outreach congregation in Philadelphia on August 21, 2013.

    Peter Popoff ministered to the crowd of thousands, many of whom came in search of his message of healing through faith in God and through the healing power of Jesus Christ.

    Rev. Popoff's visit was very well-received by his audience. Countless people left with the feeling that they had finally achieved the level of faith necessary for healing their physical, mental, and even spiritual ailments. Others left proclaiming Jesus Christ as saviour for the first time in their lives.

    Popoff's history in the ministry is a long one. It began over forty years ago, but the spark of desire to enter the ministry as his life-work began at a young age, when he was a child in communist East Germany and suffered, first-hand, under the thumb of persecution for his and his family's Christian beliefs.

    Shortly after coming to the United States, he quickly began pursuing that goal of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. He started a radio program in 1976, eventually founding of his television outreach, Peter Popoff Ministries, in 1982.

    He is also the founder of People United for Christ.

    To learn more about Peter Popoff, his books, television schedule, and personal appearance schedule, please visit

    Amy McColgan

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