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    ( -- 29, January, 2013) Atlanta, GA -- Recently a new home workout program called Home Workout Revolution was released to help people lose weight and exercise at home.  Mike Whitfield, one of the contributors of Home Workout Revolution, has posted a video review of the new bodyweight exercises program to explain the details of what is in the program and how it is completely unique from anything else on the market.

    In the Home Workout Revolution video review Mike explains how each workout can be followed along with by video.  The entire program consists of bodyweight exercise routines for beginner to the very advanced.  In total there are 51 total body workouts that can be done right at home and they do not require any equipment.

    “The Home Workout Revolution is the ultimate approach to folks who would like to exercise at home without equipment”, said Whitfield, who was also involved in the filming of the follow-along exercise videos.  Whitfield in addition pointed out that these particular bodyweight workout routines are exactly what he uses whenever he travels given that they can be performed inside a small hotel room. The option that anybody who invests in the bodyweight workout routines can easily download the follow-along exercise videos to their Ipod, Ipad, or any other favorite mobile device or computer makes it easy to stick to a weight loss program.

    Get the innovative new bodyweight exercise home workout routines at

    About: Mike Whitfield is a bodyweight exercises and boot camp workouts expert.  He was a contributor to the Home Workout Revolution videos and highly recommends the program to anyone that wishes to workout at home.  Mike is also the creator of the free bodyweight workout program Bodyweight Torch.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- 29, January, 2013) Laytonsville, MD -- Waredaca is off to a running start in this early new year of 2013! At Montgomery County's premier equestrian facility, winter is a time to learn, whether you are brand new or an accomplished rider from the ages of 5 to 55. For the experienced rider, we are hosting clinics with 3 Olympic veterans, Boyd Martin, Jimmy Wofford and Stephen Bradley. For the less experienced, we have group and private lessons in our indoor, pony kids for the very small and a wealth of programs for the whole family.

    The winter Lesson series of horseback riding lessons will continue through February, with the Spring Series beginning in mid-March. Celeste, NCEL students and parents hosted the January NCEL horse show on January 27 with rave reviews from all of the riders and spectators. Gretchen and Steph are in Florida with ten horses for continued training and competitions in the central Florida/Ocala area. Steph's horses include Brazilian Wedding, winner of last year's Retired Racehorse Trainer Challenge with Eric Dierks. Gretchen, a National and International Eventing Official, is judging in Florida and California in February. Stephen Bradley and Jimmy Wofford just completed their first Expert Day sessions of this year. Stephen, Jimmy and Boyd Martin will all be doing monthly Expert Days, offering riders a great opportunity to ride with these experts on a regular basis using Waredaca's great facility. Even though it is winter, we are already thinking of our 2013 Horse Trials Eventing competitions, which will begin the first weekend of June. Helen Casteel, our Sponsorship Chair, is pleased to announce that many of the 2012 sponsors have already signed on for 2013. Don't forget the very popular Waredaca Facebook page and the Waredaca Boarder page as your best source for networking with all of the Waredaca winter season activities!

    Waredaca offers a wide-variety of equine services:

    • Riding lessons for all ages and skills levels. Group or private instruction on our 220 acres of fields and woods, plus all-weather indoor and outdoor riding arenas.

    • Training for horses started under saddle

    • Stall or field boarding of your horse

    • Informal Schooling Shows for competitors

    • Nationally sanctioned Eventing competitions 
(US Eventing Association and US Equestrian Federation Recognized Horse Trials) and Starter Horse Trials

    • Monthly Dressage and Eventing EXPERT DAYS

    • Summer Children's Riding Day Camp (In conjunction with the Bar-T camping program)

    • Cross Country Schooling on our renowned event courses, Elementary through Intermediate

    • Pony Club Riding Center

    • High school and university equestrian teams

    • Many special activities just for boarders and students

    • And much more!

    Waredaca has been providing quality-riding opportunities to our customers since 1932. Family-owned and operated, our professional staff consists of friendly, capable individuals and effective teachers. They are very active in the horse industry on local, national and international levels. Above all, they are dedicated to their student's safety, enjoyment, progress and competence with their riding experiences. All are certified through either the Certified Horsemanship Association and/or the United States Eventing Association. Come join us for the 2013 winter season at Waredaca! 






    4105 Damascus Rd
    Laytonsville MD 20882

    (301) 570-4191




    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- 29, January 2013) Glendale, AZ --Recently Susanna Martinez, Associate Attorney at Wade & Nysather, P.C - Accident Law Attorneys, volunteered her time to provide general information about DACA.  DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

    Barrack Obama authorized a memo requesting deferred action for specific undocumented younger people which came to the U.S. as kids and also have sought schooling or even military service within the U . S., this was presented on June 15, 2012.  Applications within the program which is termed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals “DACA” started on August 15, 2012.

    Deferred action can be described as a discretionary grant involving assistance by the Department of Health Services. It may be given to the people that are involved in removal proceedings, who may have final instructions of removal, and also who may have not undergone removal proceedings. People who have delayed action status may apply to get occupation authorization and are also within the U.S. under color of laws. Having said that, there isn't any immediate course from deferred action to legitimate permanent residence or citizenship and it may end up being revoked anytime.

    Susanna’s charity work with DACA covered 2 distinct events. The initial had been an info session presented in both Spanish as well as English.  She offered the guests general information regarding DACA along with what paperwork to begin collecting in order to apply. The subsequent occasion had been among the largest we had with thousands of individuals turning up to get essential assistance. At that time, we supplied packets to guests and several guests obtained individual counseling. Susanna assisted some other volunteers focus on all concerns the particular participant had pertaining to eligibility. Some other seasoned, immigration law lawyers conferred with many attendees to be able to see whether they should consider retaining legal representatives to finish their application.

    Even though Wade & Nysather Law Offices tackles solely personal injury law, the agency teams up with additional providers since they send clientele to various other law firms as required.

    Wade & Nysather Law Offices in Glendale, AZ. serves many Hispanic clients and is aware to the necessity to assist the local community and is consistently prepared to help when ever capable.

    The firm’s website address is  The Glendale office is located at:


    Wade & Nysather Law Offices
    16222 North 59th Avenue, Suite B-220
    Glendale, Arizona 85306
    Phone: (623) 748-9211 Fax: (623) 748-3022

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( – January 29, 2013) Camarillo, CA – A recent study conducted by local internet marketing expert Mike Taylor shows you how to advertise your business on the internet and beat the high cost of traditional pay per click search traffic.

    Press releases are compelling messages targeted to your market, and can announce any event, new product, new service or company milestone. Releases for automotive advertising might spotlight first time buyers, or realtors could announce the number first time home owners or great deals closed. “The positive impact you have the community always makes a great story” said Mr. Taylor.

    “Our press and news releases are created to present your message and attract the right audience. Before being published, each submission is manually reviewed by senior editors. This guarantees the integrity of the news service and guarantees the articles we place there are highly visible.”

    Targeted and search engine-friendly news articles appear in search results within minutes of release. Netwire stories can hold pictures and videos, increasing their allure. A number of case studies show a single news release can bring more traffic than many small businesses’ entire adwords budget.

    “In two recent case studies, our press releases have greatly out-performed PPC for clients using paid search.” said Mike Taylor, Camarillo marketing expert. “Press releases get 300 or 500 reads in a couple of days, and we are targeting $5, $10 and $25 keywords. That is a lot of exposure, and for a fraction of the cost.”

    In one case study, the PR appeared at the top of a news search for a $25 keyword. “It doesn’t take many of those for a press release to pay for itself”, quipped Mr. Taylor.

    Press or news is often short-lived, but “A little social promotion goes a long way”, said Mr. Taylor. “Once you are on the front page, it is easier to stay there than to get there. A news item can pay for itself the first day, and there’s no reason it can’t be kept on page 1 indefinitely.” With 500 documented views in a few days, that seems to be true.

    PPC costs for small businesses start at about $6 per click for many local searches. 100 leads may be out of many businesses’ reach and 300 to 500 leads for the same cost or less is a much better bargain.

    For more information on the case studies or on placing press releases, contact Camarillo Online Marketing at 805-207-4457

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- 29, January, 2013) Atlanta, GA -- The love handles are among the most common problems for men and women. They just never seem to shift! Mike Whitfield is a bootcamp expert and creator of, and knows that there are simple mistakes that everyone makes. To help with losing those love handles, Whitfield has incorporated the Side Plank into his Bodyweight Torch program and has included an easy to follow video to explain how to strengthen the obliques (love handles).

    To many people tend to use side crunches and bends to help with strengthening the obliques but they do not work; many often find themselves injured because of them. The side plank is one of the most effective ways to strength this area and should be added to any bodyweight workout.

    “That’s why I released a video demonstrating the side plank ab exercise to educate people on a more effective exercise to help with those love handles.” Whitfield said and continued to explain how the video goes into detail about the best way to perform the exercise to gain the maximum potential.

    The side plank demonstration video is just one of the many new videos available to help with following the Bodyweight Torch program. People following the program can do everything in their own home and there is no need to buy equipment; you just need yourself. The side plank is not the only ab workout available and there are many included in the 4-week program to make it fun and enjoyable, so you are more likely to stay on track.

    It is possible to strengthen your abs without relying on fancy equipment and the side plank is just one way to do that.

    “My readers are asking for more videos on minimum equipment workouts, so that’s why I decided to release the Side Plank Video.” Whitfield concluded.

    You can start following the side plank video, along with many other, with the free Bodyweight Torch program, available to download in PDF at

    About: Mike Whitfield is a boot camp workouts and bodyweight exercises expert.  He recently released the free workout program BodyweightTorch to celebrate his 3 year anniversary of losing 105 pounds.  Recently he also released a bodyweight exercise video on lunge jumps.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- 29, January, 2013) Atlanta, GA -- T Pushups are part of the Bodyweight Torch exercise program. For those who have not heard yet, Bodyweight Torch is an exciting new program for those wanting to lose weight, feel healthier and look better. The program lasts for 4 weeks and the T Pushup is just one of the many exercises available.

    Mike Whitfield is the creator of the program. The idea was to give people the chance to use underutilized exercises that are also challenging. The T Pushup is one of the most challenging exercises for the upper body and is great for working the abs. It requires coordination, which makes it more difficult, which is why Whitfield decided that a demonstration video was in need.

    “I wanted to make sure this exercise made it into the new bodyweight training and bodyweight conditioning program Bodyweight Torch.” Whitfield explained when releasing the video. The whole program involves a various of exercises, including supersets and circuits to keep the exercises fresh and fun. They all burn calories throughout the exercise and afterwards; so you can lose weight while you watch TV as long as your diet is under control.

    Whitfield added the challenging exercises to help with consistency. People are more likely to stick to the program and reach their goals; and all in their own space. The program includes descriptions and photos to help guide through exercises and there are demonstration videos for some of the more complicated ones; with more to follow.

    You can get Bodyweight Torch for free by downloading the PDF. With the 4-week program, you will gain exercises to help with metabolic conditioning and metabolic resistance training, as well as metabolic finishers. Download from

    About: Mike Whitfield is a boot camp workouts and bodyweight exercises expert.  He recently released the free workout program BodyweightTorch to celebrate his 3 year anniversary of losing 105 pounds.  Recently he also released a bodyweight exercise video on stability ball pushups and the modified burpee.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- Tuesday January 29, 2013) New York, NY -- If you have damaged or missing teeth, they can be replaced with dental implants. An implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the upper or lower jawbone to serve as a permanent root for your new tooth. After the implant is placed in the jaw, the bone forms a biological bond with the implant, giving the new crown a solid foundation.                                                   

    Dr. Edward A. Woods is one of the leading dental implant specialists in New York City with over 25 years of experience. He describes the affects that missing teeth have on many people’s lives: “People that have missing teeth often find it difficult to chew and swallow, which can affect digestion and their general health and well-being. They can also struggle to socialize with confidence. However, what most people are not aware of is that missing teeth that are not replaced can lead to additional dental problems, including shifting teeth, gum disease, and bone loss, which causes a shrinking jawbone that can change the shape of your face. In these cases a persons’ mouth and jaw will appear to collapse, the lips will appear thinner and as a result, the skin can begin to wrinkle around the mouth and neck.”

    Although implants are the best alternative for replacing teeth, the cost of dental implants in NYC is expensive. To find out more about Dr. Woods limited time special on dental implants for new patients, go to

    Dental implants are also the best alternative to dentures. Many denture wearers suffer through discomfort and pain when they eat and many times will not eat in public for fear of their dentures flying out. The option of dental implants will ensure that no one will ever be able to tell if you have implants because they will look and function the same way as your natural teeth would.

    Contact Info:

    Community Dental Associates, PC
    Edward A. Woods, D.D.S.,F.A.A.H.D.
    133 East 54th Street, Suite 203
    New York, NY 10022

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (  -- January 30, 2013) Charleston, South Carolina --Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie, the leading retailer of exquisite lingerie for women, is offering sexy lace bras, panties, thongs and more pieces of intimate apparel for full-figured women. They feature lingerie that allows women to celebrate their curves. Their extensive catalog allows women to find the perfect underwear for their body type, personality, and lifestyle.

    Every woman deserves to feel sensual and elegant. With lingerie shops offering less exciting designs for plus size bras and panties, however, finding the right pieces seems to be more difficult for full-figured women. Thanks to the full figure bras and other intimate apparel offered by Bits of Lace, women of all body types may now flaunt their curves.

    In the mid 1990s, the fashion industry featured models with angular bone structures and very skinny physiques, a trend that made it difficult to find clothing that suit women with more realistic figures. Today, the public is learning the importance of healthier and more diverse body types, so celebrating voluptuous curves is becoming the new mainstream.

    On that note, more and more lingerie stores such as Bits of Lace are offering plus size bras, panties, and other apparel in bolder and more sophisticated designs that empower the modern woman and encourage them to appreciate their bodies. According to TV host Oprah Winfrey, "I finally realized that being grateful to my body, whatever shape it was in, was key to giving more love to myself."

    Buying sexy can be a good way to reward oneself. Those who are looking for sexy intimate apparel such as lace bras, lingerie, and more are encouraged to visit Their boutique is located at Bits of Lace 302 King Street Charleston, SC.

    About Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie

    Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie is a leading boutique and online shop that offers a full range of intimate apparel including full figure bras and other types of lingerie. They carry products from some of the best brands in the industry such as Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Hanky Panky, Chantelle, and more.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 29, 2013) Willow Grove, PA -- Wyncote Medial Services has officially announced the company's launch and availability of first aid training throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware regions. 

    The company, launched by partners Nick Spaulding and Tom Daniels, will be providing services such as first aid training, AED training, CPR training, and special health care provider classes designed exclusively for those practicing in a medical setting.  Specific classes are also available for American Heart Association CPR certification.

    "We're very excited to formally launch and provide this training," said Spaulding.  "The training equips people to respond in emergency situations and potentially save lives.  These are skills that everyone needs to know." 

    Classes help students to learn emergency management skills such as how to treat bleeding, breaks and sprains, choking, and other common emergency situations.  The training covers all skill levels and can be specifically tailored to the needs of the members in the class.  Both corporate/organization training and public classes are available, with a variety of services offered.  Special training for pediatric first aid, including PQAS approved pediatric first aid classes are also available.

    "We're especially excited to offer programs for those working with children, such as PA Keys and PQAS development initiatives," adds Daniels. "Training like this is vital for the protection and safety of the most vulnerable in our society, and an initiative we are proud to be a part of."

    Classes are taught by Spaulding and Daniels, who have a combined 25 years of first aid training experience.   Currently, classes are available on a by-request basis.  When public classes are available, they are to be featured on the Wyncote Medical Services website at

    For more class information, please contact Nick Spaulding at (215) 346-2197 or email


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Mercia Marquee Events Ltd are proud to announce that their Marquee hire service has been a great success through 2012, and their success is expected to continue into 2013. As a relatively new business, Mercia Marquee have been dealing with hundreds of brides who want something different and unique on their special day. Currently, they offer Marquee Hire in Tamworth and Staffordshire, and travel out or provide wedding venues in both Staffordshire and Tamworth.

    Their businesses success to date has been their ability to provide an outstanding service to their customers. They have dedicated their whole operation to ensuring that clients are thoroughly impressed with the service they receive. As such, their growth has surged during the past year, and they expect the same growth to happen into 2013.

    Commenting, a director of Mercia Marquees said, “Despite being a relatively new business, we have been very busy”.  He continued by stating “Our marquee hire company based in Tamworth, Staffordshire is also attracting a lot of brides looking for the best wedding venues Tamwoth has to offer, and they are opting for a marquee for their weddings instead of a brick and mortar business.”

    Marquee’s are a great way to get away from the boring old traditional route of getting married and hosting a wedding party. Marquees have become increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom, and Mercia Marquee are playing their part in helping to reunite brides around Staffordshire and Tamworth with a Marquee.

    To learn more about Mercia Marquee, an up and coming leading Marquee hire and Wedding Venue company in Tamworth, Staffordshire, head over to:

    Contact Info:

    Organization: Mercia Marquee Events Ltd


    58 Oxbridge Way, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7YL


    Telephone: 07815 670472


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 29, 2013) New York, NY – In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, many people are searching for ways to cope with overwhelming grief and despair after their devastating losses. In response, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Audrey Pellicano is launching the "Grief Recovery Program: The Action Program for Moving Beyond Loss" on Tuesday, February 26th.

    The 7-week teleseminar program helps participants:

    • Turn heartache and stress into positive actions;

    • Have more energy and enthusiasm for life;

    • Avoid unhealthy addictions;

    • Confront the four most common myths about grief and loss; and

    • Understand their difficult emotions of sadness and anger (and why the stages of grieving may not apply).

    This program is perfect for:

    • Adults who have lost a loved one

    • Survivors struggling after their losses from Hurricane Sandy

    • Divorced adults

    • Widows and widowers

    • Anyone impacted by the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

    • Those struggling with the unexpected loss of a career

    The program will be held via phone and runs on Tuesday nights from February 26 to April 9 from 6:30 to 8 pm Eastern. For more information and to register for the program, visit

    About Audrey Pellicano
    Audrey Pellicano, R.N., M.S., is certified as a grief recovery specialist by the Grief Recovery Institute. She is a licensed nurse in the states of New York and New Jersey, and has provided guest commentary on grief and loss issues. She is founder of which provides support for people experiencing personal loss. 


    Audrey Pellicano, 914-703-2688


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    For Immediate Release

    ( -- January 30, 2013) Portland, OR -- HG Media Marketing has released a new webinar gateway system called Pro Marketer Tools, which integrates the InfusionSoft contact management software with GoToWebinar and Meeting Burner.  This integration will automatically register email opt-ins for upcoming webinars, eliminating double opt-ins and helping business owners retain leads.

    Research shows that prospects who have to opt-in twice, once to submit their information and then again to attend the webinar are 50% more likely to avoid signing up for the webinar than those who only have to opt-in once.  This loss of leads can cost marketers and business owners thousands of dollars and take away from the valuable sales presentation within the webinar.

    Blaine Glynn, Chief Information Officer with HG Media Marketing and the developer of Pro Marketer Tools says, "After years of losing valuable leads and thousands of dollars due to the lack of efficient software, we finally have access to a foolproof way to automatically register email opt-ins for upcoming webinars without confusing scripts, hiring a programmer or using plug-ins that don’t work correctly. InfusionSoft integration with GoToWebinar and Meeting Burner is something that Internet Marketers have been looking for for quite some time and I am happy with the results it is delivering to our clients."

    The Pro Marketer Tools online platform works with existing web forms, websites and landing pages and provides seamless integration of opt-ins with webinar schedules in 3 easy steps.  Additionally, Pro Marketer Tools allows marketers to schedule webinars in advance, run multiple webinars at the same time and offers an unlimited amount of webinar registrations. 

    Don't let your valuable leads slip away.  With Pro Marketer Tools you can integrate InfusionSoft contact management software with GoToWebinar and Meeting Burner and automatically register your email opt-ins for any of your upcoming webinars.

    For more information including a guided tour of Pro Marketer Tools’ foolproof system, please visit or call Alexa Divett, Marketing Coordinator at (541) 601-5035 for a free consultation.

    HG Media Marketing helps small businesses and entrepreneurs increase market share and make more money using proven marketing strategies online.  Strategies include local networks, SEO, social media, blogging, email marketing and viral traffic generation.  HG Media Marketing is committed to helping business owners understand the constantly changing dynamics of Internet marketing while offering customized marketing solutions that fit individual needs.







    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 30th, 2013) London,UK --  British Library event covering one of “The Best Small Business Marketing Ideas” for years.

    Many small businesses are missing one of the most important small business marketing ideas since the days when small businesses rushed to get their first websites. They are missing the now essential ingredient of success - Mobile Marketing, and specifically how to use Mobile Websites and Apps to get more new business.

    The use of mobile devices for accessing the internet is growing exponentially. In 2013 internet use from mobile devices is set to outstrip use from desktop and laptop PCs. “This is a small business marketing idea that cannot be ignored,” says Jonathan Slobom of  To The Point Marketing.

    The problem is that most small business owners don’t know what to do or how to go about it. Others, don’t know who to trust. Well there is a solution for all small business owners to get up to speed on this best of  all small business marketing ideas and start growing their businesses. There is a workshop on 28th February 2013 at the British Library as part of its “Web in Feb” series of special workshops and events. The title of the workshop is Mobile Marketing Demystified.  It will probably be the best ROI on marketing spend you’ll ever make.

    So, why should small business owners be interested? Well for a start mobile use is growing exponentially and Google released a survey in 2012 that amongst other things said,  “Mobile users are much more likely to be buyers than PC users” and “if you don’t have a mobile optimised website,  40% of users are likely to move straight on to the next website”. That will probably be one of your competitors.

    The British Library workshop is right for you if :  you need new customers and you want existing customers to buy more frequently. You will discover that: it is easier than you think; there’s a huge untapped mobile audience;  and it is much cheaper than you’d expect.  You should leave this workshop armed with lots of cost effective, quick pay back ideas on how to jump start your mobile marketing initiatives that could lead to you increasing your online business by 20%”

    They have done presentations before at the British Library and Hugh, (Brit Music) says "I would also like to congratulate you both on a very in tune presentation, the content of which was relevant, on point and as things move forward in the digital age, will prove to be of enormous value to all in attendance."

    So if you are a small business owner and would like to learn more about this best of small business marketing ideas then get your ticket now. You can book your ticket here for the workshop at The British Library, London on Demystifying Mobile Marketing, to be held on the 28th February 2013.

    To The Point Marketing was founded by Stephen Clark and Jonathan Slobom because they were frustrated by with the quality of the marketing advice they were receiving. They wanted action, good ROI, good small business marketing ideas and to get to the point of why they were marketing in the first place.

    For more information contact; Stephen Clark, , or via the website


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (NEWSWIRE.NET -- January 30, 2013) Altadena. CA -- Kred, a social media influence scoring tool, has named Sally Falkow, CEO of Meritus Media, a Top 1% Influencer. Social media is now the number one online activity, surpassing email and 95% of Americans are active on social media. Figuring out who is in a brand’s social graph and who has influence in certain communities and subjects has become very important to marketing and PR success.

    Kred scores are generated by observing a social network user's content, who it reaches, who acts upon it, and whether the user relays the content of others. The score is given as a dual score to distinguish a person's Influence (the likelihood that someone will trust a person and act upon their posts) and Outreach (the propensity to engage with and share other people's content forward). The influence scores are delivered on a normalized 1,000 point scale with higher scores representing a higher degree of trust and influence within the network.  Outreach measures generosity and rewards actions like engagement with others and willingness to spread their message.

    Influencer marketing is not as simple as it sounds though. Just making a list of the high ranking people might not get the desired result.  “What I like most about Kred is that it gives you an influence score for each area of interest or expertise, so you can find the right people to connect with for each brand or client,”  says Falkow. “Influence is not universal.  Someone influential in travel would be no use to an IT company.”

     “Influence scores are important – they’re an excellent starting place when you’re doing blogger outreach, but it isn’t wise to rely on them as a final influence ranking,” says Falkow. “We work with a lot of brands who want to reach influential bloggers and tweeters and it’s only once you actually start interacting with people that you discover who really has influence and can move people to action.  It’s not always the one’s you thought it would be.”

    Having a good influence score makes it easier for Falkow and her team to interact with other influencers as bloggers respond to someone who they can see has a digital presence and has been active on social networks for some time.  “We’re delighted with this recognition from Kred and we will display the Top 1% Influencer badge on our website, our blog and our Twitter feed,” says Falkow. 

    To find out more about Sally Falkow and Meritus Media visit

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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  • 01/30/13--00:00: The Ultimate Cleaning Job

    ( -- January 30, 2013) London, UK -- Outer space is becoming an exceedingly messy place and scientists are turning their attention to methods that could be used to clean up space debris by space “janitors”.

    This research is part of the Stardust project, which is headed by researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow as well as many other European universities and had recently received a funding boost. The aim of the Stardust project is to find the most effective and cost-efficient means of cleaning up space debris, although the project is still in its early stages.

    Space debris refers to human-made objects that have gone into orbit around the planet. Commonly, space debris is made up of broken parts of satellites as they wear out or suffer damage. These items of debris could damage other satellites badly in the case of a collision, which would then create more hazardous debris, creating a vicious cycle. Small asteroids and meteorites can collide with satellites, and these are also considered by the Stardust Project team as debris to be cleaned up, even though they occur naturally in space. The theory is that cleaning up the debris in space is likely to be more cost-effective than repairing or replacing a damaged satellite, especially when the costs of disrupted communications systems are taken into account.

    Similar to a plot from a work of science fiction, it is possible that the technology developed to rid outer space of debris and small asteroids could also be used to deflect or destroy a larger asteroid similar to the Schumacher-Levy comet that collided with Jupiter in 1994.

    The ideas are, so far, only at the stage of general concepts. Suggestions so far have included the use of high-powered laser beams to vaporise space debris, and the use of nets, robotic arms or “tentacles” to catch the debris.

    One of the more unusual items of space debris is a tool box that was accidentally set adrift by an astronaut carrying out repairs during a space walk outside the International Space Station. The astronaut put the tool box aside while dealing with a leaking grease gun and when she looked around for the tool box, it had drifted out of reach. This orbiting tool box has been jocularly referred to by astronomers as the “Tool Box cluster”, as a parody of the Jewel Box cluster, which is an actual star cluster found in the constellation of the Southern Cross.

    A representative from the London-based cleaning company TSD Cleaning Services commented that the presence of space debris is not surprising and neither is the need to clean up space. “Humans are a messy species with a tendency to leave everything everywhere – just look at some of the homes and offices we have to clean. And now we’re messing up space as well as the earth. But I have to say that the idea of cleaning up debris by zapping it with a laser gun is rather fun. Perhaps we’ll get to use the technology on earth after they’ve developed it properly for use in space.”

    For Press and Interviews please contact:

    Daniela Sarasakalova – TSD Manager / Operations Manager

    TSD Cleaning Services

    7 Atkinson Road
    E16 3LP

    020 8819 9476

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    ( – January 29, 2013) Dallas, TX -- Universal Window Coverings announced today the release of a new video documenting an aborted plantation shutter job that was being installed in a Plano, TX home. The video depicts the shutters, room by room, showing in graphic detail all that was wrong with the 30-plus window job. “it was horrible” said Universal president and owner, Mike Coronato, “it was as if they were making it up as they went along. In the 22 years I’ve been in the business I’ve never seen a job that bad.” Mr. Coronato had been asked to consult the would-be shutter owners after the lady of the house stopped the installation mid-stream. “She was pretty upset, as you can imagine,” Coronato said, “but she maintained a good sense of humor. Fortunately she had used a credit card and so she had some recourse. What really made her mad was the fact that the company denied that they had a money back guarantee even though it was prominent on their link with the Better Business Bureau.”


    Referring to the botched job as “’hard to look at.” Mr. Coronato said, “I really felt bad for her. The credit card company said that they couldn't refund her money as long as the offending company promised to make it right. She just wanted to be done with them.” As of the time of the interview, the company in question was supposed to re-make the entire house full of shutters.


    Universal Window Coverings is prominent in the window covering industry being the largest dealer of O’Hair plantation shutters in the DFW Metroplex. In the business since 1991, Mr. Coronato started out in a 1000 sq. ft. storage unit. Their current facility is almost 21,000 sq. ft., which they purchased in 2004. He is known amongst his peers for railing against manufacturers that sell cheap and poorly constructed shutters. “They’ve almost ruined the industry.” He said, “They come into the market selling inferior products for ridiculously low prices and then go out of business a year or two later often taking customers’ deposit money with them. My goal now is to educate the consumer so that they don’t fall into that trap. After watching my informative videos and reading my Consumer’s Guide they’ll know more than most of the salespeople out there.”

    Universal Window Coverings

    4939 Cash Road

    Dallas, TX 75247



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    ( - January 30, 2013) Goodyear, AZ -- The Goodyear City Council Election is fast approaching.  In this year's election, there are 5 candidates competing to win only 3 spots. Two of the 5 candidates are incumbents who are relying on their existing reputation and history in order to win.  The other 3 candidates are new to this election and hope to elicit change and improve the City of Goodyear.

    One of those candidates is Sharolyn Hohman.  As the current President of the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sharolyn has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to the cause of serving the business community, the City of Goodyear, and its citizens.  

    Having been able to connect with local leaders such as Governor Jan Brewer, Jerrry Colangelo, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord, Don Mellon, and Paul Faith, has allowed Sharolyn to gain a deep understanding of what Goodyear voters want.  Thus, Sharolyn has a unique and fresh perspective on the inner workings of the Goodyear landscape, having been able to get multiple perspectives on how the City of Goodyear can improve and prosper.

    Endorsed by the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, her campaign to win the Goodyear City Council Election is based on three major tenets:

    • Education

    • Economics

    • Transportation

    The Committee to Elect Sharolyn To Goodyear Council will be hosting a free food and drink fundraising event on Thursday, Jan 31st at the Caballero Grill located at 1800 N Litchfield Rd, in Goodyear from 5-8pm in an effort to help educate Goodyear voters and citizens on these 3 issues and the unique strategies she plans to implement to improve the Goodyear community.  Her campaign motto is: "Listens. Communicates. Solves!" 

    People are encouraged to RSVP via Facebook here:

    Here is what one local Goodyear Voters said on Facebook about what they thought Sharolyn Hohman had to offer as a Goodyear City Council member:

    Sharolyn Hohman

    Reviewed by: Bonnie Mostere Lewis on 01-17-2013 
    "Sharolyn Hohman has my vote!"

    "Sharolyn is, by far, the most qualified candidate in the upcoming Goodyear City Council election! She would be a great asset to the council and the citizens alike!"

    Rating: 5/5

    This 2013 Goodyear City Council Election utilizes a mail-in ballot system.  With ballots starting to be sent out on Feb 12th, Sharolyn Hohman hopes to encourage citizens to learn more about the Goodyear community and to participate in the upcoming election.  Voters can send in their ballots up until March 12, 2013 at which point the Goodyear City Council primary election will conclude.

    Sharolyn Hohman is an official candidate for the Goodyear City Council Election 2013. Donations are currently accepted online at

    If you would like to support Sharolyn Hohman by placing a sign on your property, please let us know. Sharolyn Hohman can be reached by contacting The Committee to Elect Sharolyn To Goodyear Council at

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    ( -- 30, January, 2013) Wilmington, DE -- The Fiscal Cliff proposal was agreed upon by the Senate at the last minute according to Lighthouse Financial source, Ken Brackett. Without the agreement, spending cuts and tax increases totalling $600 billion would have instantly gone into effect. It also introduces the ability for everyone to do Roth conversions, which was only available to those who earned lower than $150K per year, according to Brackett.

    This Roth conversion opportunity is available to all those still working and have 401ks. Before this, only those retired, were 59 and a half years old or had changed jobs were able to take advantage of this. “This is great news to those of us who believe that tax rates will be much higher in the future,” Ken Brackett explained, “Individuals can do the conversion at lower tax rates today and buy our tax on sale.” In the short term, the government will benefit from this through extra revenue from the tax due after the conversion. In the long term, there will be a loss of revenue as the Roth withdrawals will no longer be taxable income.

    Another benefit of the Fiscal Cliff is that there is a tax break for married couples earning less than $450k when filing jointly and $400k for individuals. Originally, just $250k was proposed. The tax rates will remain at 15% and individuals are able to stay on their current brackets for tax. They will be able to gain from the Long Term Capital Gains and Qualified Dividends reduced tax rate.

    Estate Tax Exemption was also changed to $5 million per person with the Fiscal Cliff; anything over that will be taxed at the 40% rate. The Alternative Minimum Tax Exemption was also extended permanently.

    There is a new hurdle to jump though, according to Brackett. The Debt Ceiling needs to be extended within the next two months. The spending cuts should have been completely resolved during the negotiations for the Fiscal Cliff, which would have allowed the Debt Ceiling to extend in the future at a continuous rate, but this never happened and the House is likely to want to enforce some of the cuts. “The probability of another USA downgrade is very likely”. Brackett stated.

    However, there is some optimism in the fact that “there is always a bull market somewhere.” There is more focus on the Growth and Value Strategies and Brackett sees success within those areas.

    Ken Brackett is the founder and owner of Lighthouse Financial Advisory Group and the Two-Time Winner of the Five-Star Wealth Manage Award by Philadelphia Magazine and Delaware Today Magazine. Lighthouse Financial is fully registered with the National Ethics Bureau, the Better Business Bureau, the National Association of Securities Dealers and Delaware State.

    Within the New Castle County area, Ken is a well-known and important educator in finances and a Registered Investment Advisor. His classes for the retired are oversold on a consistent basis and he had worked on plans for the University of Pennsylvania, General Electric, DuPont and Rohm & Haas retirees. He graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and, since 1991, has worked with those in the senior age group.

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    ( -- Tuesday January 29, 2013) New York, NY -- If you have damaged or missing teeth, they can be replaced with dental implants. An implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the upper or lower jawbone to serve as a permanent root for your new tooth. After the implant is placed in the jaw, the bone forms a biological bond with the implant, giving the new crown a solid foundation.                                                   

    Dr. Edward A. Woods is one of the leading dental implant specialists in New York City with over 25 years of experience. He describes the affects that missing teeth have on many people’s lives: “People that have missing teeth often find it difficult to chew and swallow, which can affect digestion and their general health and well-being. They can also struggle to socialize with confidence. However, what most people are not aware of is that missing teeth that are not replaced can lead to additional dental problems, including shifting teeth, gum disease, and bone loss, which causes a shrinking jawbone that can change the shape of your face. In these cases a persons’ mouth and jaw will appear to collapse, the lips will appear thinner and as a result, the skin can begin to wrinkle around the mouth and neck.”

    Although implants are the best alternative for replacing teeth, the cost of dental implants in NYC is expensive. To find out more about Dr. Woods limited time special on dental implants for new patients, go to

    Dental implants are also the best alternative to dentures. Many denture wearers suffer through discomfort and pain when they eat and many times will not eat in public for fear of their dentures flying out. The option of dental implants will ensure that no one will ever be able to tell if you have implants because they will look and function the same way as your natural teeth would.

    Contact Info:

    Community Dental Associates, PC
    Edward A. Woods, D.D.S.,F.A.A.H.D.
    133 East 54th Street, Suite 203
    New York, NY 10022

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    January 30, 2013, Vancouver, BC - CERC Oil Tank Removal from Vancouver was picked out from over 500 submitted service providers as the most trusted service business in the Greater Vancouver area.

    Surveyed individuals were asked to nominate up to three service businesses - anything from one-person operations such as handymen businesses, all the way up to large companies that serve over thousand clients each month. Yet, a relatively small company from North Vancouver came up top.

    "I'm excited about it and a little overwhelmed," said Fabio Chiesa, the Owner of CERC Oil Tank Removal Vancouver - a local company that specializes in excavation and disposal of residential underground fuel storage tanks.

    "Our #1 priority has always been a great service. People in our community, as well as our clients recognized that. But, yes - it's still a big surprise," added Chiesa in a short telephone interview with our staff.

    According to the company which aggregated the results, sorting out through the results and picking the best one wasn't easy. The biggest challenge presented was placing all nominees on a level playing field as some of them had a track record that spanned decades, whereas others opened as little as year and a half earlier.

    The most interesting thing about this story is the way survey results were aggregated. Perhaps for the first time ever, the nominees were judged solely by their online reputation.

    "We collected an extensive number of reviews that were posted online by nominees' clients and assigned a value to each one based on a number of criteria," said Ivan Budimir a president of a Langley-based company that aggregated the data.

    "We thought it would be a good idea to use such reviews as a measure of a level of trust. But our focus wasn't just the reviews from Google and Yelp. We looked at a much more extensive network of review sites to get a better average," added Budimir giving an example of a related discussion

    Collecting reviews in this way gives a fighting chance to smaller businesses to be noticed. This is simply because businesses that have serve clients in large groups - such as training and workshop types of businesses, would naturally always end up at the top due to a greater number of reviews generated.

    So perhaps it's not such a big surprise that a company like CERC got picked among much larger service providers. By aggregating the data from the web, and taking the average customer experience into account, a better picture of customer satisfaction naturally emerges, according to the company sources.

    The review process took place over the first four weeks of January and encompassed over 500 service business nominees from Vancouver's Lower Mainland. It was the first such survey conducted by the company.

    CERC Oil Tank Removal Vancouver can be contacted through their website or by telephone at 604-889-0251

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