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    ( - January 25, 2013) Neptune, NJ -- Author Barry Ferguson’s new healthy eating book “How To Eat Healthy In An Unhealthy World” discloses drop-dead easy ways anyone can use to not only eat healthy but live healthy every day.

    In his book, he reveals the closely guarded secrets the world's healthiest people use to avoid getting fat, getting cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes by using easy-to-implement strategies that will boost your immune system and keep you healthy and invigorated. 

    According to the author, “We all know that how unhealthy our food supply has been become yet the FDA, Big Pharma and even the huge biotech firms have been forcing us to eat food that has little or no nutritional value at all.”

    Barry believes the emphasis on profits above all else has been the prime motivating factor of the giant food corporations, chiefly Monsanto.  They are the ones to blame for America’s failing health.  “They have only one goal… to profit at the expense of our health!”

    In How To Eat Healthy In An Unhealthy World,” Barry shows his readers how they can change their eating habits without going cold turkey.  He helps them make their own decisions about the food they eat by explaining what’s in the food they eat and how it is ruining their health.

    “I believe consumers need to hear they truth about our food supply.  People need to stop listening to all the commercials claiming their products are healthy when in fact, most of these claims are false. 

    We need to shift our energies more towards 100% organic foods to combat the effects of all the chemicals, preservatives and GMO’s have had on our bodies”, he adds.

    If everyone followed Barry’s advice concerning eating healthy, we could rid the world of unhealthy food and get back to man’s roots.  He knows it’s an uphill battle for many, especially in a world where the lure of sweets and convenience foods are everywhere.

    “We’ve lost our way when it comes to food.  Every state has an obesity rate over 35% and even our children are headed for heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and early death from a lifetime of unhealthy eating” he sadly states.  “It’s a shame what has happened to our diets” he continues.

    He doesn’t believe in diets and claims this is no diet book.  “This is a roadmap written to help people make the right decisions concerning the food they purchase and put into their bodies.  The book is like a GPS.  I don’t do the driving, I just help them get to their ultimate destination…a healthy body and mind” he proudly declares.

    For more information on eating healthy please visit

    Barry Ferguson

    8 Colleen Way

    Neptune, NJ  07753




    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 25, 2013) Colorado Springs, Colorado -- The rebranded portal will provide an even more effective means of maintaining Ashford Realty Group’s dedication to providing clients the opportunity to become stress-free property owners. The firm provides all services that you might expect from a full-service property management company, assuring that part-time landlord duties are a thing of the past.

    The company is known for providing the professional insight that property owners need to price properties appropriately within a given neighborhood in the current real estate market. Its goal is to place responsible tenants as expeditiously as possible, while getting the most the marketplace will allow for your property.

    Ashford Realty Group Colorado Springs assesses no renewal fees, up-charges on repair invoices, vacancy fees, accounting fees or the like. Clients know precisely what their services cost. There is no “fine print” clause or hidden fees. Ashford Property Management Colorado Springs uses a simple, straightforward and cost-effective fee structure.

    And now, accessing all Colorado Springs Property Management Services will be easier than ever, with Ashford Realty Group Colorado Springs’s soon-to-launch rebranded website, which will fulfill clients’ real estate needs, alongside its newly strategized comprehensive marketing campaign, designed to eliminate costly vacancies by putting a home on the market in front of the most qualified prospective tenants.



    Trace Lee
    Ashford Realty Group

    4291 Austin Bluffs Pkwy #204
    Colorado Springs Co.
    (719) 574-2227

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    ( – January 25, 2013) Moorpark, CA – Hal Hoadley is no stranger to lead generation services and auto dealer marketing campaigns for his clients. When Hal was approached by a Fortune 1000 company to offer their newly improved lead generation product to retail automotive dealers in Southern California he finally accepted the challenge.

    Although he has been extremely busy marketing for his local business clients providing, video marketing, article marketing, SEO and SEM he has left the day to day implementation to his business partner, Mike Taylor of Camarillo. His clients will be well taken care of with the utmost professionalism and expert supervision. Hal can still be reached for any consultations.

    The retail automotive business has had many ups and downs over the past several years. Many businesses work with this niche offering their services. The automotive industry is a very competitive business. They spend thousands of dollars branding their business, putting up ads using print, video and the internet. Most dealers spend heavily bringing in leads to their dealership in order to have the opportunity to offer their products.

    Many companies offer the retail automobile dealer lead generation but most only offer them to the dealer as a flat rate fee without regard for the number of leads brought in. Many of these leads are duplicates or they have already purchased a vehicle or the same lead was sent to multiple dealers.

    Hal has a better solution. If the lead he sends you is a duplicate you don’t pay. If the lead he sends already bought a vehicle, you don’t pay. If the lead is unreachable by phone or email (they don’t answer the phone or return your email), you don’t pay. If the phone conversation doesn’t last a minimum of 60 seconds you don’t pay. And there’s more…

    Hal Hoadley and Every Car Listed are working together to provide the automobile dealer (new and used) a viable solution to getting leads at reduced costs. Hal Hoadley will form an ever-lasting relationship with you, the automotive dealer. Hal will work with his clients and figure out the best solutions to making your leads buy from you. He will follow up with each and every one of his clients every 30 to 45 days to make sure his program is working and to answer any questions you may have.

    For more information on Every Car Listed and their lead generation system, contact Mr. Hoadley at or by phone at: 805.217.3316

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (NEWSWIRE.NET--January 25, 2013) Altadena, CA -- A 2012 study, conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Ipsos ASI and Bloomberg, has identified a skills gap in business use of social media.  While the majority of businesses are using social media only 6% say their social media skills and competencies are optimal.  A further 50% claim to be either below their industry average or feel they are ‘fundamentally ill-equipped.’  

    Sally Falkow, APR, CEO of Meritus Media Inc., realized the need for training corporate PR and marketing staff in social media skills as early as 2008. Over the last four years Falkow has trained more than 1500 agency and corporate employees and executives.  Her two-day Social Media Bootcamp classes won her the title PR Trainer of the Year at the PR News PR People of the Year Awards. Several of the companies and agencies she has trained have also won digital PR and social media awards.

    “Our Digital PR and social media classes now include a six-month coaching component,” says Falkow. “We have found that just doing a short-term immersion in the theory is not enough.  People need to actually use the skills and have someone who can help them improve over time.”

    Why should businesses invest in social media training for their employees?  According to the recently updated Social Media Revolution video:

    • Social media has become the number one activity online

    • 85% of pope online expect brands to be present and to interact with them on social media

    • Facebook has over a billion active monthly users

    • Half of them use Facebook every day

    • Every second two new members join LinkedIn

    • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day

    • YouTube has become the second largest search engine after Google

    • 50% of people value a brand’s Facebook page more than their website

    • 87% have liked a brand on Facebook

    • 53% of people recommend products in their tweets

    Educating the C-suite

    Forbes reports that companies that outperform peers were 30 percent more likely to identify openness – characterized by greater use of social media platforms – as a key factor.  Getting an effective social media program implemented takes buy-in from the top, yet the latest Socializing Your CEO report from Weber Shandwick shows only 18 percent of the world’s largest companies’ CEOs have their own social network pages - a paltry two percent increase from the previous report released in 2010.

    A brand that has no understanding or buy-in at the C-suite level will struggle to get their employees trained, active and effective in social media, so that they can produce effective content and use the social platforms strategically to achieve business goals.  Social media training and coaching for both executives and employees should be a priority in 2013.

    For more information visit


    Sally Falkow

    @sallyfalkow on Twiitter

    626 296 6218

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 25, 2013) Los Angeles, California -- In addition to providing standard event amenities—from a complete selection of catering and a VIP room to audio/visual equipment—MB2 Raceway delivers corporate team building via “exciting and bond-building racing challenges that will turn any company function a novel and memorable success,” the company says.

    With locations in Sylmar and Thousand Oaks, MB2 Raceway is Ventura County's and Los Angeles’ only indoor go kart racing facility. “We provide a high-speed race simulation with challenging road courses that are fun for any skill level,” according to the company, with high-performance electric European karts that are capable of speeds of up to 45 mph. “Combine that with being just a couple inches off the ground on its one-quarter mile road course and everyone involved will have an go kart racing experience that will get their hearts pumping.”

    MB2 Raceway now welcomes private groups both small and large, catering to corporate events, team building programs, birthday and bachelor parties, new product launches, training seminars, meetings and all other special occasions.

    The company offers a number of flexible Party Packages that include party invitations and Thank You Cards, 14 Lap Races (for adults) or 9 Lap Races (for juniors), drinks, snacks and candy for every racer, access to MB2’s Party Room, a Person Event host, medals for each racer, a custom framed 4'x5' group photo and a gift bag. Prices begin for up to 10 racers at $295.



    MB2 Raceway
    Chris Browning, General Manager

    13943 Balboa Blvd
    Sylmar, CA 91342

    (866) 986-7223

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    ( -- 25, January, 2013) Atlanta, GA -- For those interested in losing weight, the Modified Burpee is something to add to the list of exercises. Never heard of it? Mike Whitfield includes this as part of his bodyweight training program. Whitfield is based in Atlanta GA and is an expert and trainer in bodyweight programs. He developed Bodyweight Torch and has released a video to show the unique Modified Burpee to help people understand the best way to do it. He also has plans to release more videos to show the right way to do all the exercises in his program to help improve fitness and prevent suffering from an injury.

    The Modified Burpee is a great intensive exercise that replaces the longer cardio workouts that just get boring after a while. There is no need to buy memberships to the gym or use expensive equipment; everything in Bodyweight Torch can be followed at home and you will benefit more from just using yourself. The program is also fun to follow.

    Whitfield explained that he wanted his readers to learn how to get the body of their dreams in their own home. He wanted something realistic and easier to follow. The Modified Burpee allows that, along with other challenging but fun exercises within the program. After a reader asked him to include a video tutorial, Whitfield decided that it was a great idea and went straight to work.

    The Modified Burpee tackles a number of muscles at the same time and your heart rate will increase considerably. You are getting strengthening and cardio benefits at the same time.

    “Many of my readers call the unique bodyweight exercises “bodyweight conditioning” and it certainly is. But they are a lot of fun.” Whitfield stated.

    The Bodyweight Torch is a 4-week program and completely free to download. Find it here at

    About: Mike Whitfield is a boot camp workouts and bodyweight exercises expert.  He recently released the free workout program BodyweightTorch to celebrate his 3 year anniversary of losing 105 pounds.  Recently he also released bodyweight exercise videos on the pushup and alternating lunge jump.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

    0 0 you have just received the alarming news that you are "pre diabetic"  How could this be? Afterall, you have been active and an athlete in your life. You could lose 20 lbs but you are not obese, right? Surely, this couldn't be correct, is it? 

    Well, that was precisely how a friend of mine felt. After the initial shock and disbelief that she, of all people was a candidate for this dreadful disease, she realized that it was really  up to her to be the 'game changer" one else. So, yes, you also are in charge and can solicit help in the process. Howeer, I encourage you to be your own advocate if you choose to avoid diabetes. In her case, it was in the 'genetic tidepool". That said, stress and eating at the wrong times of day triggered the progression of her numbers.

    So, here are 10 proven methods that worked for her and resulted in a reversal  of the downhill spiral trend towards full blown diabetes in 2007. Proudly, she remains  non diabetic today,6 years later.

    Now, these choices are about changing your lifestyle and focus towards your own health and vitality, not a diet.  My friend received a  congratulatory letter from her doc at a notable CA based healthcare provider  facility and she stated she was  "very pleased at her results" and wanted to know "how she achieved them".  With regret, the doc reported that  many of her patients simply didn't  seem that interested in making changes and consequently, wound up on medication.

     If you are one of the people who do care and absolutely want to avoid full blown diabetes, then consider the following tips and methods that absolutely reversed her upward  trend towards diabetes. 

    (1) Make a commitment! Commit to  these methods for 6 weeks. You can also start by getting your  blood tested before you start and when you complete the 6 week cycle. Get your own verification to see where you stand after trying these methods. You may likely see a drop in your numbers after a week if you are really making the choices itemized below. 

    (2) Get Educated: Go to your local grocery store for a tour: While there notice how many aisles there are of processed fake foods that are likely to amp up your food addictions to sodium, sugar, and ingredients you cannot ever pronounce. Check out the number of fresh food aisles by comparison. It is probably an  80/20 ratio of processed foods to living foods. Take note that you are to now trying to spend most of your dollars in the "living food" aisles.

    (3)Love Yourself & Invest in Yourself: Purchase a high speed blender, a food processor and if you can afford it, a dehydrator.You are now going to make healthy smoothies that combine fruits, veggies and nuts and "drink" your meals in addition to eating raw recipes. The dehydrator is there for you to make food that keeps the life in it as you only dehydrate up to 115 degrees. Enroll in a raw foods class for instruction if you like and have fun learning! You may be able to find some "previously owned" items on Craigslist or othe rplaces if you do not wish to pay full retail. That said, this is not an "everyday" investment but make no mistake, a mission critical on to  your health. 

    (4) Start to Eat for Life: Stock up on as much organic raw living foods s you can in your fridge which are the key to vibrant health. If you cannot afford organic, check with farmers in your area who use organic practices or utlize very little pesticides or organic fertilizers on their plants. The naturally occuring enzymes, phytonutrients and vitamins that are embedded into fruits, veggies and nuts are the key to your health and longevity. Eat as much quantity as you like with no regrets.

    (5) Go Online and Seek:  for raw recipes that will tantilize your taste buds. Make some of the simple ones for starters like kale salad which is fantastic and super easy to make. 

    (6) Drink "Sexy Salsa" Water:  Simple to make and really quite palatable, use 16oz of wate raccented by 1/2 tsp of cayenne and 1/2 squeezed lemon. Stipr before drinking as cayenne settles in the bottom of the glass. Drink cold or at room temperature in the morning upon rising or as soon as possible. Also, repeat 1 time throughout the day. This will help to activate your metabolism. Cayenne has been use in many holistic clinics in Europe and have played an important role in remediate chronic diseases.

    (7) Eat good fat: Realize that the "good fat" found in raw almonds, walnuts and avocados are fats that create and  sustain your energy. Eat some of these throughout the day to generate fuel for your boday and to stave off sugar cravings. Chances are your body is desiring fat but you think you need sugar to pick you up. This is a vicious cycle and likely many times triggured by the fact that you may already be either hypo or hyper-glycemic. 

    (8) Start walking: Do it selfishly for your beauty and vibrant skin!. Walking is the easiest access fitness practice that is normally available for all people. Get a pedometer and challenge yourself to eventually get up to 10,000 steps. Your entire body will benefit. If you are not able to walk for some reason, then I recommend swimming or even chair exercises for range of motion and enough repetitions  to get your heart rate up a bit. 

    (9) Network with Others: Find other people who like to live well and who have benefitted from eating raw living foods through social networks online or off line. Share your results which you will start to realize and encourage others once you normalize your own numbers.

    (10) Take time each day to meditate or pray: Stay in balance emotionally and avoid stress as much as possible. Identify the triggers and then try to avoid or minimize interaction with  the gremlins that are likely to derail your vision and hope.  Also, Never Forget to  Count your blessings one by one!


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 26, 2013) Riverside, CA -- Realtor Susan Ebert has been selected as the Top California Real Estate Agent Of 2012, a prestigious award handed out annually by Parus Business Solutions, LLC (PBS).  "Susan Ebert displays the well-rounded professionalism, tireless commitment to clients, and continual progress towards technological prowess in the marketplace that epitomizes the type of client we like to work with," said Scott Talbert, Manager of the SEO & Internet Infrastructure Division at PBS. 

    The award highlights not only an appreciation for Susan's dedication to the buyers and sellers she represents, but also triggers a robust package of business services PBS will deliver to Susan and her real estate practice throughout 2013. Susan will be receiving some complimentary SEO services.  Additionally, there are plans to look at doing some advanced video marketing, as well as social media management as well.

    Says Talbert, "Riverside CA Realtor Susan Ebert is the type of real estate professional you'd feel comfortable referring your parents to.  These are the types of clients we delight in helping attain, and retain, a high profile presence on the internet. Often, people focus on trying to get their websites to rank, rather than concentrating on delivering value to end users.  When we find quality Realtors like Susan, they often have little time to focus on internet marketing due to their involvement with clients.  So we are happy to help those most deserving of professionals with the advertisement of their quality business."

    Susan's real estate practiced thrived throughout 2012.  In a time when the real estate market was touted as suffering, she was able to capitalize on the optimism of first-time homebuyers who are excited about the persistently low interest rates.  Real estate professionals like Susan Ebert understand that there is an opportunity to be had in any market conditions.  Those who are able to adapt to what the market hands you can do well.  Those who are inflexible and rigid in their business practices struggle to adjust.  That's the difference between finding a real estate professional who is in touch with the market at all times, versus those who have hot and cold periods and stagnate at times to the detriment of the clients they seek to assist. The services PBS contributes to help her marketing efforts will not only help bring her additional Murrieta CA real estate listings, but also provide the time she needs to thoroughly meet those clients' needs.


    39755 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. G-110
    Murrieta, California

    Phone: 951 445 4200

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    ( -- January 28, 2013)Hamburg, Germany -- Heilpraktiker Hamburg hier ist Andrea Miedlig seit dem Jahr 2003 selbständig tätig. Als Heilpraktikerin fasziniert Sie die Gabe, die schon Ihre Großeltern von Ihren Großeltern erhalten haben. Der Leitspruch "Gegen alles ist ein Kraut gewachsen" hat für Sie als Heilpraktiker(in) Hamburg eine wichtige Rolle eingenommen.

    Der Werdegang von Frau Andrea Miedlig liest sich wie folgt:

    • -1988 Abitur (Leistungsfächer Biologie, Deutsch)

    • - seit 1988 Tätigkeit im medizinischen Bereich

    • - 2001-2003: Ausbildung zur Heilpraktikerin (Paracelsus-Schule, Hamburg)

    • - 2004-2006: Ausbildung in Akupunktur und Chinesischer Medizin, 

    Das Leistungsangebot der Heilpraktiker(in) in Hamburg ist auf folgende Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte gesetzt

    1. TCM und Akkupunktur

    2. Vitalwellen Therapie

    3. Arthritis, Fibromylagie

    4. Therapie

    5. Honig Entgiftungsmassage

    Der Schwerpunkt in der Honig Entgiftungsmassage besteht darin, so Heilpraktiker Hamburg Andrea Miedlig, dass folgende Prozesse ablaufen:

    Nach alter Überlieferung soll die Honig-Massage Wunder wirken und ein wahrer Jungbrunnen sein.

    Schnelle und anhaltende Hilfe bei

    Muskel-Verspannungen von Nacken und Rücken 

    Die Durchblutung des Gewebes wird stark angeregt, und Schmerzen lassen schon während der Behandlung deutlich nach. 

     Ausruf einer Patientin während der Honig-Massage: "Sie lösen das Grau aus mir raus!"

    Bei chronischen Erkrankungen wird die Selbstheilung angeregt und der Organismus entlastet. 

    • Arthritis, Rheumatischen Erkrankungen

    • PMS, Regelstörungen

    • Atemwegserkrankungen

    • Erschöpfung

    • zum Stressabbau

     Ebenso unterstützt die Honig-Massage Fasten- oder Frühjahrs- oder Herbstkur.

    Auf der Homepage von Frau Andrea Miedlig: Heilpraktiker Hamburg finden Sie viele weitere nützliche Informationen.

    Im Gespräch mit Frau Miedlig erfuhr ich folgendes, die Frage lautete Was bedeutet Gesundheit:

    • Gesundheit bedeutet sich wohlfühlen in seinem Körper und seiner Haut.

    • Ein gesunder Mensch fühlt sich lebendig.

    • Er stellt sich den Anforderungen des Lebens voller Tatendrang.

    • Vitalität strahlt aus ihm heraus und macht ihn anziehend.

     Sie wünschen sich dieses Lebensgefühl?

     “Jeder Weg beginnt mit dem ersten Schritt.“

    Chinesische Weisheit

    Internetagentur Hamburg, city-map, Luruper Hauptstraße 271, 22547 Hamburg, Germany

    +49 40 25768440 <<26.01.2013>> Hamburg, Germany


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 26, 2013) London, UK -- In spite of the range of automatic, electronic and mechanised cleaning tools available to professional cleaners these days, there’s still a need to keep the traditional tools in the cleaning cupboard.

    Commercial cleaners, especially those providing janitorial services to offices and similar organisations often turn to automated devices such as auto scrubbers to clean large surfaces. However, there will always be a place for hand-powered cleaning tools like mops and brooms, even in the largest of commercial cleaning outfits. In some situations, the hand tools can be more efficient than the automated equipment.

    “For cleaning small spaces quickly, it can be a better use of time to reach for the broom or the mop,” said a spokesperson for Anyclean, a London-based commercial cleaning company that provides a comprehensive range of office and domestic cleaning services. “It takes time to set up and plug in an auto scrubber, not to mention the noise issues that mean a cleaner has to reach for the earmuffs. But you can just grab a mop and get onto the job.” Speed is especially vital when cleaning spills, as this can reduce the risk of workplace accidents caused by wet, slippery surfaces. Dustpans and brushes are also easier to store accessibly in warehouses and the like where non-liquid spills often occur. “You need specialist training to operate a big automatic cleaning machine, but anyone can grab a dustpan and brush if you need to clean up broken glass or thing like that which need to be cleaned up quickly. You can store them under the workbench, too,” said the Anyclean representative.

    Brooms are also more effective than automatic scrubbers in small spaces such as stairwells when used in the workplace, and are also more efficient for domestic cleaning. In narrow spaces, brooms can operate much more easily than larger machines, with small brooms and buckets being able to get into narrow gaps and spaces.

    Even the traditional string mop that has been in use since Victorian times is not likely to be replaced by the microfiber mop. “Professional cleaners need both.  String mops are more absorbent and can deal with spilled liquid quickly, but the microfiber mop heads are easy to launder.  It’s all about using the right tool for the job rather than just having a one-size-fits all solution for every cleaning situation.”

    Organisations that hire full-time cleaners or janitors but have tighter budgets are also more likely to prefer traditional mops and brooms to larger and more expensive automatic equipment. Schools and small businesses often find larger pieces of equipment to be beyond the budget, but mops and brooms can be picked up cheaply. “They’re fine for everyday cleaning,” said the Anyclean spokesperson, although he was quick to stress the need for deep cleaning on a regular basis. “If you can’t afford to hire a full-time janitor to provide the level of cleanliness needed to keep the place healthy, then you call in the contractors to do the deep stuff for you. That’s what we’re here for. But if you need to clean something big up in a hurry, you’ll need a broom or a mop. Every workplace should have one.”

    Editor’s note:

    For press enquiries and interviews contact Nicki Vassilev.

    Anyclean Premium Ltd

    Office 36
    88-90 Hatton Garden
    EC1N 8PN

    020 7100 5498

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( -- January 25, 2013) Matawan, New Jersey -- This Matawan New Jersey Tax Preparation Service with years of financial experience under its belt, and it's newly personalized tax preparation program will offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals, at competitive rates.

    Newsholme is already a well-established financial services firm in the state of New Jersey, where it offers comprehensive tax services for clients, including preparation, planning, IRS issues, back taxes, liens and levies, and bankruptcy. With its newly opened New York office, the company will offer clients computer software tools that check and recheck tax returns to identify potential problems that might be more closely explored by the IRS, as well as electronic filing.

    In addition to New York Tax Preparation, Newsholme’s tax preparation marketing program shows clients how to adjust payroll withholding to get a better return on money on a weekly basis, along with identifying potential deductions to limit a company’s tax liability for next year. The firm also prepares yearly bookkeeping, including preparation of Schedule C and income tax returns, alongside a system that allows a company to maintain its books accurately throughout the coming year.

    Other offerings under the Newsholme Financial Services umbrella include personal planning, personal estate planning and elder care for family members. Among business services offered: small business accounting, Quickbooks, payroll, part-time CFO, audits, reviews and compilations, cash flow management, bank financing, business valuation, strategic business planning, succession planning, new business formation, non-profit organizations and internal controls.


    John Newsholme

    Newsholme Financial Services, Inc.

    99 Main Street
    Matawan, NJ, 07747

    Phone: 732 823-9767

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA/January 27, 2013 / Newswire/ -- Viratech Corp. (OTC:VIRA) announced today that’s  first of  235 books to be released on Amazon’s Kindle platform, focusing on Cancer,  Find and Stop Breast Cancer , by Dr. Kevin Buckman, has achieved  number  1 best-seller status for both Breast Cancer and Oncology categories.  You can purcase the breast cancer book here:

    Find and Stop Breast Cancer is the result of decades of research by Dr. Buckman in the field of breast cancer. The book provides information geared toward making a difference in early diagnosis and treatment, and focuses much of its content on prevention of breast cancer and treatment alternatives. The book Find and Stop Breast Cancer also addresses what every woman needs to know about the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

    According to the book, early diagnosis is key for success in breast cancer. Finding breast cancer at stage 0 has a greater than 93% survival rate, however, the exact opposite is true for stage 4 breast cancer where survival rate over 5 years is only 15%."  A explanatory video of the book can be seen here:


    Through its experience-based search engine and technology,'s goal is to become the primary resource on the web for people affected by cancer, for the purpose of making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.'s mission is to empower every cancer patient, with the power to research their disease and to find, organize, and manage their own cancer support network at no charge to them. The goal of these support networks is to assist the patient in conserving needed energy by reducing the burden associated with their own daily trials and tribulations. will strive to convert this saved energy into a higher level of patient activity and a stronger determination to fight their disease.

    In addition  is seeking new cancer researchers who wish to  leverage its intellectual property and social network platform for the purpose of creating new distribution and engagement channels.

    About Viratech Corp.

    Based in Stockton, California, Viratech Corp. has created an open source biotech research and development platform. This unique platform leveraging the utility of social collaboration, which will allow biotech cancer research the opportunity for the first time to become open sourced. This is accomplished by allowing our development partners the ability to protect, promote and produce their research in unified online collaboration hubs known as micro social networks. Viratech’s open source platform has integrated several intellectual property tools which, by leveraging our social collaboration network, can give our development partners a new intellectual property mechanism, which will help in addressing the protection of Intellectual Property, promotion through collaboration in our protected open source platform, and commercial development of the products achieved through collaborative research.

    Using this platform, Viratech members can protect their intellectual property, then use Viratech’s micro social network as a utility to promote and crowdfund the research and development to produce the new technology.

    Forward-Looking Statements

    This press release includes forward-looking statements concerning the future performance of our business, its operations and its financial performance and condition, and also includes selected operating results presented without the context of accompanying financial results. These forward-looking statements include, among others, statements with respect to our objectives and strategies to achieve those objectives, as well as statements with respect to our beliefs, plans, expectations, anticipations, estimates or intentions. These forward-looking statements are based on our current expectations. We caution that all forward-looking information is inherently uncertain and actual results may differ materially from the assumptions, estimates or expectations reflected or contained in the forward-looking information, and that actual future performance will be affected by a number of factors, including economic conditions, technological change, regulatory change and competitive factors, many of which are beyond our control. Therefore, future events and results may vary significantly from what we currently foresee. We are under no obligation (and we expressly disclaim any such obligation) to update or alter the forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

    Contact: Kevin Buckman MD

    Viratech, Corp.

    Email Contact:

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( – January 26, 2013) Los Angeles, CA -- Globally the basic commodity known as food is in depletion from the rainy zones to the harsh desert climatic conditions. Human activities have continuously taken center stage in this problem.

    As mankind looks towards a future that includes global water and food shortages, mankind needs to be prepared. A food crisis is foreseeable It is therefore crucial to have basic knowledge on how to survive.

    One man’s solution and tips on just how to prepare is presented in the book "Food Crisis Survival Guide" by Carl Shepard. This guide provides practical tips on ‘how to prepare for the food shortage crisis’ when disaster strikes at home.

    This resource guide provides practical tips on how to prepare for crisis before natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, blizzards and hurricanes happen.  Readers will learn the best types of food to store in preparation for a disaster.  The text outlines the items that are most likely to sellout in the wake of a disaster helping customers learn what to stockpile in advance at home. 

    This Food Crisis Survival Guide provides consumers with easy to follow steps on how to survive a crisis.  Cultivating your own food is a sure way of having food security.  This ultimate food shortage guide includes information on water purification, alternate energy and survival gardening.  All of these are key aspects to prepare for in case disaster. 

    Worldwide over 1 billion people are currently going hungry. Food lines and food shortage is not a thing of the past, it is real even today.  Food prices continue to rise. Analysts predict that this number could double in the next forty years.  Therefore it is important for people to learn the ways to survive any type of food emergency.  From disasters that strike near home to worldwide food shortages caused by natural disasters being prepared is key to survival.

    Anyone living in the United States should not ignore the impact of climate change on worldwide food production.  From record setting temperatures to increased flooding, major food crops such as wheat and corn have already been impacted by these changes. You may have seen it in your prices at the grocery store.

    While many of these shortages have impacted people overseas, the reduction in crop production will soon impact the United States too.  It is important to realize a crisis is in the offing and being ready is crucial. 

    For further information click here  “The Food Crisis Survival Guide"  

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    ( - January 17, 2013) Atlanta, GA - Ray Perry of MarketBlazer Inc. was recently elevated to the level of Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. This award was presented at the annual gathering of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network in Kansas City, Missouri in fourth quarter 2012.

    John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and founder of the Duct Tape Marketing organization developed the certification for the company’s Marketing Consultants to designate those consultants who place a heavy emphasis on the success factors of the Duct Tape Marketing System. Perry, along with other consultants in the network, were required to demonstrate successful client results, including marketing plans, marketing materials and testimonials obtained through the use of and delivery of the Duct Tape Marketing System.

    Perry remarked, “I’m proud to be recognized with such an outstanding group and would like to thank John Jantsch and the Duct Tape Marketing organization.”

    The Duct Tape Marketing System has grown exponentially worldwide as a unique and proven marketing system for small to mid-size businesses and is complimented by a high caliber marketing professional to help the business owner with creation and implementation of a practical, affordable and effective marketing system.

    “This system helps entrepreneurs to build an ideal marketing system for their growing companies,” Perry stated. “Why reinvent the wheel when you can take a proven process and a trained consultant and run with it? I enjoy helping business owners apply these techniques to create more effective marketing plans for their businesses. “

    About Duct Tape Marketing: Duct Tape Marketing is a unique turnkey small business marketing system and network of talented marketing consultants, created by award-winning small business marketing expert and author John Jantsch.

    About MarketBlazer: MarketBlazer is a professional small business marketing agency and Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, helping businesses develop strategies to find, engage and convert targeted prospects. Led by Ray Perry, MarketBlazer utilizes time-tested marketing techniques as well as the latest internet-based marketing strategies and tactics. Learn more at MarketBlazer.

    MarketBlazer, Inc.

    183 Stegall Drive, Suite B
    Jasper, GA 30143


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    ( January 27, 2013)  Key Largo, FL- This has been in existence since the 1950’s where acid, “Acid Theory” came about studying the effect of acid in our food, liquids, and bacteria.  There is empirical evidence to suggest that such acidity levels is directly correlated to developing decay.  Perhaps this is why some people can get away with not brushing and flossing as often and still maintain a healthy dental presence.

    There are scientific studies from doctors and endocrinologists worldwide that have supported the notion of fluid transport within the body to explain many of the problems and health issues that exist, not limited to only the dental field.  An understanding of the basic structure of the tooth is important to grasp some of this analysis.  With three layers to its composition, there is the enamel on the outer side, the middle which is hollow with nerve endings and blood vessels, and then there is dentin, which is a group of hollow tubes that carry the nutrients and moisture from the middle of the tooth to the outer layer of the enamel.

    The movement of fluids within the body all impact this process and can either produce a “self cleansing” mechanism, or promote further bacteria if allowed.  From the stomach throughout the body travels this channel of “good versus evil” material therefore supporting the discussion about sugar and its conversion to acid and ultimately, bacteria. 

    So the components of saliva, the liquid transporting mechanism needs to shed the sugar and white flour and carry more trace minerals in order to help the dental cause.  Other helpful additions that people can add to their ingestion are green tea, an anti-oxidant substance and general healthy nutrition that limits sugars and white flour.  Gum, mints, and lozenges, and mouthwash help to constantly clean the teeth as they promote liquids that help ourselves.  Fluoride applications are also helpful since the increase in bottled water has diminished the fluoride in our diets. 

    Contact Dentist Key Largo at (305) 453-9105 for more dental care needs and information in order to promote a healthy dental life.  


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    ( January 26, 2013) Scottsdale, AZ- Contrary to popular belief, the snake is a very strong animal and sign in the Chinese horoscope. It’s characteristics are enigmatic, introspective, refined, and clever, just as one would view the reptile itself. A snake was known in many circles in China to bring delight to a family. There are certain traditions that are commonly seen such as the “Fu” character representing good fortune, but also some have a rabbit that has a snake intertwined around it which is a sign of wealth.

    The characteristics are both strong and weak. The strength shows that a person born in the year of the snake oftentimes has a good temper with a good skill of communicating without having to actually say much. They have strong moral values and elicit great wisdom. They exercise compassion for others and generally need not worry about finances. Helpful to others, they hate failure and are intense and passionate internally without expressing these thoughts outwardly. They possess a good understanding of themselves and have a rich source of inspiration. Perceptive, the women do well in housework yet show irritability.

    The weakness that they possess are jealousy and suspicion, as they are cautious to share with others their inner thoughts and consequently can lose opportunities and friendships. They tend to overdo things and rely on themselves rather than others as they may doubt the judgment of others. Courteous yet headstrong, they are fickle and often have problems in relationships and marriage.

    The Chinese horoscope was determined based on the twelve years of a universal cycle and ascribed a characteristic that would influence people born within an entire year as opposed to just a month to month duration. Once again, a longer term view of a life cycle. Animals were used with folklore stories that made it easier to remember and re-tell the scenarios that exist. Each animal, as one reads about each year, carries both good and bad traits, not unlike real life and the way human beings are. There are specific proclivities within each one that are pronounced and distinguishable from others. Gung Hay Fa Choy!

    For more interesting information about the Year of the Snake, come visit or call Chinese Food Scottsdale and enjoy a dinner of authentic Chinese food. They can be reached at: (480) 585-6630/ (480) 391-0607


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    For Immediate Release

    ( -- 26, January, 2013) Los Angeles, CA – There is a new YouTube weight loss guru and her name is PrettyKeli. Her new ebook is designed to give women different tips and tricks on how to control food cravings, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

    Our research shows that most people struggle with controlling food cravings so they turn to books which offer information only on how to use mental exercises to control food cravings. These books work for some people and cost anywhere from $50 to $100.

    ( via -- 26, January, 2012) Los Angeles, CA -- Her new ebook “How to control food cravings” includes drinks and foods that can help you control cravings. As wells as physical activities, mental exercises, alternative ways to eat, and things you should add and subtract from your life to avoid temptation.  If that’s not amazing enough, she is offering this ebook for $9.99.

    We suggest you purchase all of these wonderful tips at for only $9.99 for a limited time only. If you are ready to gain control over the power of food, conquer your cravings, and live a healthier lifestyle, this book is for you.  The author is always available to answer any questions you may have as well as give any advice about your craving struggles.

    This informative ebook is also available also on iTunes as well as amazon, google play, and everywhere ebooks are sold online. It’s an amazing tool to have with you on the go as you experience food temptations throughout your day. We know you will love it.

    Research has shown a lot of people are addicted to food and most don’t realize the control food has over their lives until it’s too late. Poor diets are the main cause of many diseases that can be avoided and even reversed. People with this problem need to be educated on ways they can control food cravings and most of their health issues will go away.

    At, you will find reviews from satisfied customers who have read the book. You will also be able to see a video of PrettyKeli’s weight loss results after using the book. So don’t struggle with food temptation anymore, get “How to control food cravings 100 ways to control unhealthy eating habits” and change your life today.



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    For Immediate Release -- January 27, 2013) Hammond, IN -- In the 70’s-80’s, Jack Hyles, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana was the rising star within the world of Independent Baptist Fundamentalism. Then, scandal enveloped the church when the pastor was accused nationally of having a mistress. Recently, scandal again hit the church when Jack Schaap, the son-in-law of Hyles who succeeded Hyles as pastor, was arrested on federal charges for molesting an under-aged girl. The Chicago Mag featured the church and pastor in its January 2013 issue titled "Let us Prey." Schaap is due to be sentenced on March 20, 2013.

    Why is there so much scandal in this church?

    In a book recently reissued after decades (Fundamental Seduction) about the pastor and church written by Attorney Voyle A. Glover, the scandals ran deep and include:

    ● The possible homicide of a 17 month old baby. The chief suspect? David Hyles, the son of Jack Hyles.  This child was found to have multiple broken bones in various stages of healing prior to his death. David Hyles would assert his Fifth Amendment rights during the Coroner's Inquest.

    ● Multiple adulterous affairs by this son (author of a book entitled "Purity").

    ● Pornographic pictures discovered in a briefcase tossed into a dumpster behind a small Baptist church pastored by David Hyles. The subjects? The wives of men in the church and other women in the church. He resigned the church.

    ● Jack Hyles  boasted he had men on his staff that would commit suicide if he asked them. One of them admitted he would, if asked.

    ● Staff members who boast that their pastor is so god-like that he does not have a dishonest drop of blood in his body.

    ● A woman who overhead conversations, as a child,  between her mother, a secretary to this Baptist pastor,  and the pastor, which always ended with a soft, whispered "I love you.

    ● The daughter of this famous Baptist pastor, Linda Murphrey, says her father's church was a cult.

    ● A deacon who molested a child in Sunday School was defended by the pastor who refused to investigate because there was only one eye-witness. 

    ● A former Bible Teacher at the Hyles-Anderson College, run by the church, was convicted of rape, assault and battery on an adopted child.

    Brevia Books

    101 W 75th Pl
    Merrillville, IN 46410



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    For Immediate Release

    ( -- January 27, 2013) Los Angeles, CA -- PrettyKeli the YouTube fitness sensation is starting her first Weight Loss Challenge of 2013! The challenge is designed to help women lose weight in a fast yet healthy way and keep it off. She will give women the tools, tips, and tricks they need in order to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Best of all it’s free and she wants you to join her!    

    Stopping Obesity - Obesity in the United States has increased drastically from 1990 through 2010. America’s obesity problem is due to lack of physical activity as well as poor eating habits.  What’s even worse, it’s not going to get better. It is expected that two thirds of Americans will be obese within the next five years.

    PrettyKeli - the owner of, is on a mission to combat obesity by educating women on how to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. In this challenge she will take her viewers step by step to show them how to lose weight fast in a healthy way, and keep it off! Her viewers can interact with her any time of the day to ask questions, get advice, and share their progress.

    ( via -- 26, January, 2012) Los Angeles, CA -- New Weight Loss Challenge "The Weight Loss Challenge will begin on January 28th 2013, and it is free to join. All you have to bring is a positive attitude and give 100%” says PrettyKeli " It won’t be easy, but if you give your all, you will walk away with the tools you need to live a healthier lifestyle and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your weight loss goals”

    Benefits - The purpose of this weight loss challenge is to help women who have a hard time losing weight and getting in shape on their own. PrettyKeli has experienced what it’s like to be overweight and not be able to find a weight loss method that works. Since then she has developed a program that has worked for her and numerous other women that have tried it. Now she wants to share it with the world.

    The Difference - What makes this Weight Loss Challenge different from the rest is the support you receive from beginning to end. As well as having a person guide you who understands your struggles and genuinely wants to help you achieve your goals.

    At , PrettyKeli explains the weight loss challenge in detail and the rules you must follow in order to participate. Anyone who joins the challenge can interact with her through the site.



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    ( – January 26, 2013) -- Globally the basic commodity known as food is in depletion from the rainy zones to the harsh desert climatic conditions. Human activities have continuously taken center stage in this problem.

    As mankind looks towards a future that includes global water and food shortages, mankind needs to be prepared. A food crisis is foreseeable It is therefore crucial to have basic knowledge on how to survive.

    One man’s solution and tips on just how to prepare is presented in the book "Food Crisis Survival Guide" by Carl Shepard. This guide provides practical tips on ‘how to prepare for the food shortage crisis’ when disaster strikes at home.

    This resource guide provides practical tips on how to prepare for crisis before natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, blizzards and hurricanes happen. Readers will learn the best types of food to store in preparation for a disaster. The text outlines the items that are most likely to sellout in the wake of a disaster helping customers learn what to stockpile in advance at home.

    This Food Crisis Survival Guide provides consumers with easy to follow steps on how to survive a crisis. Cultivating your own food is a sure way of having food security. This ultimate food shortage guide includes information on water purification, alternate energy and survival gardening. All of these are key aspects to prepare for in case disaster.

    Worldwide over 1 billion people are currently going hungry. Food lines and food shortage is not a thing of the past, it is real even today. Food prices continue to rise. Analysts predict that this number could double in the next forty years. Therefore it is important for people to learn the ways to survive any type of food emergency. From disasters that strike near home to worldwide food shortages caused by natural disasters being prepared is key to survival.

    Anyone living in the United States should not ignore the impact of climate change on worldwide food production. From record setting temperatures to increased flooding, major food crops such as wheat and corn have already been impacted by these changes. You may have seen it in your prices at the grocery store.

    While many of these shortages have impacted people overseas, the reduction in crop production will soon impact the United States too. It is important to realize a crisis is in the offing and being ready is crucial.

    For further information click here “The Food Crisis Survival Guide"


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