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    The day will come next week where the world will find out whether the notorious "apocalyptic day" on December 21, 2012 will indeed be "the end of the world."

    For months and years, people have been suspecting that because the calendar of the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, then that could possibly be the day where the "world will end".

    In a recently launched video by Emmanuel asks the question, "Who gave the Mayans the credibility that they are correct in this subject matter? Could they even be considered experts in these apocalyptic matters? Just because a calendar of a particular civilization ends on a particular day, does that mean that the world will cease to exist when their calendar cease?"

    Emmanuel continues on the newly launched video about Dec 21, 2012 asking more questions such as, "What should be the response for bible believing Christians who are awaiting the return of Jesus Christ? Does the bible teach about the "end of the world"?

    The scripture that was shared in this video is found in the book of Second Peters, chapter 10 to 15 and it reads:

    "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.

    Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat?

    Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

    Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things, be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless; and consider that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation."

    Kingdom Warriors Emmanuel maintains that while a certain level of physical preparation is wise and warranted, what is even more important is spiritual preparation.

    To learn more about the answers to these questions posted above and to continue these thoughts, feel free to watch this recent video at:

    About Kingdom Warriors Emmanuel: is packed full of content and videos regarding faith, spirituality and Christianity. Individuals who are seeking answers to these topics are encouraged to visit the website and watch the videos.

    Source: PRweb, End of the World Dec 21, 2012

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( - December 10,2012) As the long, cold winter season nears and fuel prices soar, cash-strapped consumers are again faced with cold reality that their ever increasing heating bills may put them close to financial brink as they attempt to balance their budgets while keeping the heat on, putting food on the table and placing Christmas gifts beneath the tree. But, according to one green home energy thought leader, Larry Akpa, executive editor of The Green Home Builder, a site dedicated to providing the latest information about green home building techniques and products to consumers, there is a simple solution that can drastically reduce utility bills and lower their impact on the environment: Home Solar.

    Consumers are beginning to ask whether installing home solar panels really is a smart thing to do given the rising fuel costs throughout the world, and if the technology has advanced enough to power a whole house rather than simple devices like calculators, said Akpa. Given the current solar rebates available to most Americans, it is hard not to argue with making the change.

    “Green home energy comes in a variety of forms, but solar is one of the most attractive because of its ease of installation, low maintenance and good return on investment,” Akpa said. “Studies show that for every $1 property owners invest in energy efficiency, they save $3 to $5 in the long run.”

    In terms of energy efficiency, the typical American home uses 850kWh per month, while the typical off-grid solar-powered home uses just 180kWh per month. Essentially, because of new, green solar technology, a home is able to produce as much energy as it consumes, resulting in a net zero output.

    According to Akpa, “Through green design we all have the opportunity to radically change the way we live for the better, and we can start to give back and live in harmony with the plant rather than being a world of consumers.”

    Akpa's mission, which he brings to life through The Green Home Builder, is to educate homeowners about the value of green home building, how the technologies enhance lives and culture, and how when implemented, they actually benefit all of society.

    “I’m a passionate advocate of sustainable architecture, and in creating The Green Home Builder, I want to establish a forum to help others connect and stay abreast with the latest news occurring within this truly life changing industry,” he said.

    Through the site, Akpa provides the latest news, views and editorial updates about home solar systems, solar rebates and the solar industry.

    In addition, through The Green Home Builder, Akpa provides the latest information about 2012 solar rebates for consumers seeking information about implementing solar systems into their home and businesses. Through a variety of solar rebates from the federal government and local programs, consumers may be eligible to receive up to 50 percent off of their purchase price with no money down.

     “I remain committed to my mission of educating homeowners to the benefits of installing solar panels as a way to protect themselves from rising fuel costs, and believe The Green Home Builder has become the single source for the best, objective information available in the industry,” he said.

    Helping consumers find rebates to install solar panels, and learn more about the products on the market is just one more way he’s helping make the world a bit more green.

    For more information about solar panels, green home building and solar panel rebates, visit .

    For more information about solar rebates 2012, which are good throughout the United States, visit .

    About Larry Akpa of The Green Home Builder

    Larry Akpa is the founder of The Green Home Builder, a site dedicated to providing the latest industry news to consumers about green building products and techniques, such as solar power and new technology. The site features articles about green home building, green home design, green home products and educational videos.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    ( - December 10,2012) The latest line of defense in the battle for finding quality information about living a healthy lifestyle is now available on one of the web’s freshest fitness sites, HowToGetBackInShape. Dedicated to providing the latest information about getting fit, staying in shape, living a healthy lifestyle and even offering dieting tips and strategies, the site has quickly become, and remains, a central hub for all things related to staying fit.

    HowToGetBackInShape provides advice, guidance and tips in line with its name and offers a variety of features related to a series of topics relevant to both men and women including:

    • How men and women get back in shape after a fitness lull

    • How to get back in shape through a series of simple exercises

    • How to get back in shape with natural foods and supplements

    • Using essential oils to help get back in shape

    • Tips for getting back to optimal performance in as little as seven weeks

    • Face fitness: secrets for facial rejuvenation

    For the enthusiast, HowtoGetBackInShape provides downloadable apps including the Get Back in Shape and the Starting Strength Warm Up, available on Android.

    HowToGetBackInShape is made up of dietitians, nutritionists and fitness professionals who are qualified and passionate in helping people from all walks of life get back in shape and live a healthier and more productive life.

    “We know that just getting in shape and being as fit as we were in our younger years would make the most of us very happy, and we understand how tough it is to get back to the body we once had in our younger years,” states the site’s authors. “When we start to workout again, our body simply doesn’t feel the same; we feel fatigued and burned out, sluggish inside the gym, heart pumping out of our chest, catching our breath, and just feel lazy and want to go home.

    “At HowToGetBackInShape, we will help you get back in shape, or even help you get into the best shape you have ever been in. We truly believe that fitness is attainable, and it’s not as complicated as it’s made out to be.”

    According to HowToGetBackInShape’s experts, long-term success in getting back in shape and staying in shape comes down to three things:  

    ·        Having a good mindset

    ·        Good workout program

    ·        And eating right and healthy

    HowToGetBackInShape’s program leads individuals through these processes to their goals.

    “If you’re looking to lose pockets of fats around your belly, want to lose weight, have a leaner and slender body or want to get back in shape then you’re in the right place,” states the site. “We provide more than just workout routines and diet plans, but inspiration and motivation to everyone who wishes to get back to healthy lifestyle.

    “Our team is made up of friendly professionals who will address your body’s specific needs and help you push through your workout. We also have a wide array of easy-to-follow healthy meal plans and diet that fits with your goals.”

    Through HowToGetBackInShape’s site, individuals have access to a wide range of fitness and nutrition tips to help them move forward in their progress and get back in shape by building their knowledge-base to understand the basic principles and elements of fitness, particularly on weight management.

    HowToGetBackInShape’s staff provides ongoing consultation and guidance, and helps people develop and craft a plan that best meets their individual performance goals and expectations.

    For more information about HowToGetBackInShape, its services or to set up a consultation, visit

    About HowToGetBackInShape

    HowtoGetBackInShape provides advice, guidance and tips in line with its name and offers a variety of features related to a series of topics relevant to both men and women. Through the service, individuals are able to learn more about getting back in shape and building plans for meeting their long-term exercise goals. HowtoGetBackInShape works with its clients to determine the best course for their health, fitness and desired outcomes.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, December 12, 2012 ) Maitland, FL -- The Big Lottery Fund has awarded £50,000 to a community group in from the South Lough Neagh area. The money will be used to help breathe life into the small rural community.

    The Loughshore Access and Community Enterprise (LACE) plans to use the money to develop a community handyman business that will offer a number of services people living in the South Lough Neagh area, including Aghagallon, Derryadd, Derryinver, Derrytrasna, and Kinnego.

    Sponsored by the Big Lottery Fund, the Village SOS scheme aims to support rural communities in the United Kingdom and help them come together to improve facilities and create services and opportunities for the local population.

    The program supports rural communities with less than 3,000 residents to develop plans for enterprising projects for social or commercial means.

    The group goal is to employ residents who have been unemployed for long periods of time. It is thought that the employment will provide services like decorating, gardening, and general handyman work.

    "This is a deprived area where there are older people with disabilities and those with mental ill health who live alone and are quite isolated. They often don't get to see anyone from one week to the next and they can get quite lonely," said LACE chairman Alan Emerson.

    "The handyman scheme will help people with small jobs by offering reasonably priced skilled work. We hope to create training in handyman skills that leads on to employment for local people who may have been long term unemployed. The handyman will help with jobs that are relatively small where there's no need to pay the costs for a tradesman.”

    According to Emerson, the region has a number of people who live off the beaten track, with many of them being elderly. People who grew up in this area know the handyman to be a local person who knows the area and has a friendly personality.

    Emerson that the group hopes that the creation of the handyman business will cause people to volunteer for other tasks, such as sitting with someone for a while to give them some company.

    About Handyman Association:

    Handyman Association ( provides a directory of qualified handyman for many different types of jobs. The Association of Certified Handyman Professional is a nonprofit organization that offers an handyman insurance program to certified handymen in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. To learn more, visit today.

    Customer Service

    Source: EmailWire.Com

    0 0 - Los Angeles, CA - After new reports show that new job openings in the United States are now at their lowest in the past five months, the professionals from Ultimate Power Profits announced a new offer designed to help Americans make money online. The company announced the new offer after reports from the September job market were released earlier this week and showed uneven progress in the labor market. According to these new reports, the number of open jobs in the United States dropped by 100,000 and the issues with this progress in the market will likely extend through the end of the year.

     The new offer, from Ultimate Power Profits will not only show individuals, frustrated by the current economic state, how to make money online but the offer is designed to show interested individuals how to earn a more substantial income than ever before. The new program will teach users about multi-level marketing and show average Americans the way to make a respectable income using multi-level marketing to their advantage. The company has announced the launch of this new offer in hopes that more people looking to make the living they deserve will turn to this proven solution for earning money from home.

    The new offer, inspired by recent reports about the current job market and economy in the United States, has officially launched on the company website and is now available to the public. Those looking to gain access to this new offer and to learn how to get started with Ultimate Power Profits and their new online income offer, can get more information through the company website.

     For more information on the professionals from Ultimate Power Profits and to gain access to this new offer, visit the professionals online at

    Source: EmailWire.Com

    0 0 via - Tuesday. December 11, 2012

    Stedman Graham, one of world’s leading branding experts, will speak on new techniques for taking new and exisiting businesses to a whole new level – showing how local entrepreneurs how professional branding and marketing strategies can be used to start, grow, or expand any business.

     “Stedman is one of the world’s most sought after speakers, a successful author, and has consulted with companies such as Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, Hyatt Hotels among many others,” JT Foxx explained. “With Stedman’s help, any entrepreneur – whether they’ve started a business or not – can learn how to be more strategic and less tactical so they can double or even triple their business opportunities.”

    Mini -Mega Partnering is a series of local business conferences where area entrepreneurs gather to network with each other and learn real-world techniques to start and grow their businesses.

    “In addition to hearing from Stedman, Washington area entrepreneurs will get to hear some of my newest business success strategies all focused on one singular goal – joining the top one percent,” Foxx added, “It’s all about creating a blueprint for success and expanding circles of influence. After all, it only takes one deal, one opportunity, and one business relationship to change your life forever.”

    The free Mini-Mega Partnering event will be held December 15 and 16 at Dulles Airport Marriott. For more information, visit

     About JT Foxx

    JT Foxx started investing with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and 1 cheap suit. Now just 6 years later, he has acquired and sold over 500 properties, closed over $40 million in real estate deals. He is a serial entrepreneur and the host of the syndicated weekend radio personality of the “JT Foxx Show” in the U.S. and Canada. He has started several multi-million dollar companies all over the world, became one the most sought after motivational speakers and recognized as one of the top wealth coaches in the world all by mastering the art of partnering, branding, networking, and marketing.


    JT Foxx Organization

    Phone: (877) 272-3031


    Source: EmailWire.Com

    0 0 - Los Angeles - A free report that has just been surfaced to the internet called, “30-Second Hormone Fix” has been getting a lot of attention from fitness professionals all over the world. BioTrust, the trusted supplement company who released the report on how to manage your hormones to lose weight, is offering this cutting-edge report free for a limited time.

    The report caught the attention of the popular bootcamp website,, so much that the representative, Mike Whitfield, decided to launch a new video for the website’s loyal readers. Inside this new video, Whitfield reveals what to expect from this free report on how to work with your hormones, including leptin to lose fat and break a weight loss plateau. “Our fat burning hormones are often overlooked in the quest to lose more weight”, said Whitfield. He went on to say, “This free report from BioTrust gives anyone the 30-second daily trick to fix their hormones to jump start weight loss and of course, break that dreaded weight loss plateau that most people go through.”

    According to the BioTrust website, the free report on how to manage your hormones for fat loss will reveal how foods like pizza and ice cream can accelerate fat loss when eaten at a very special time, as well as how staggering your intake of one particular nutrient can “trick” your body into releasing even more fat to be burned every single day and more.

    The fat burning hormones report is available as a free download at

    About is a website with a focus on bodyweight exercises and fitness boot camp workouts.  They also keep their readers up to date on the latest trends in nutrition and supplementation.


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    December 1, 2012 - New Orleans, LA -- Start-up businesses and small enterprises encounter a distinctive problem. While they understand that they want both on-line and offline marketing methods to compete in today's marketplace, they furthermore lack the assets to utilize both methods, or are different with making the most of both platforms. For this reason, Brian Hong has created something that allows these firms to promote and advertise their goods efficiently in a price that they are able to manage. Through the all - inclusive marketing solutions supplied by Brian Hong in New Orleans, small businesses and start - up companies will have the choice of making use of a single marketing company to manage all their marketing needs.

    For small businesses and start-up companies, distributing the phrase within their neighborhood about their providing is essential. To do that, several small businesses attend industry shows, hang up cards or leaflets, or actually buy billboard space. Regardless of the medium, having an individual strategy to the image style of each region is vital to the achievement of their marketing. This branding should also be carried up to the on-line environment.

    More clients are searching the Web for businesses that supply what they want, both in their city and throughout the nation. Whenever a person views a billboard or does a look for an item or support they need, they are satisfied with a listing of sites that the search engines feel meet their wants. First, it's vital that they discover the site. As they might have experienced in other offline sources then, after they are on the site, they must be fulfilled with all exactly the same kind of graphic style. Due to this require to incorporate both offline and on-line images and marketing methods, making use of just one business for all initiatives is vital.

    Among the most used and desired services small companies want from their advertising business is the power to position high in the search engine results. This service is one that Infintech Designs supplies to its customers as a means to assist them remain competitive. By showing high in the internet search engine results, small companies are not just capable to contend with their bigger rivals, but they may also be identified more readily by more of their potential clients, supporting them raise their earnings flow.

    When the client has arrived on a site, the pictures they are satisfied with and the texting they read function as the first impact for the little companies providing. Clients just take around ten seconds to determine whether the firm is one which they are thinking about employing or if they need to carry on searching for additional companies to utilize. Consequently, the look of the site and the initial impact it provides is essential to keeping potential clients thinking about what they need to provide. Through the web site design providers of Infintech Designs, small companies get skilled designers working to assist them create a stylish site which will keep individuals interested and attempting to find out more.

    The images used on the web site style assist to brand a company. Consequently, having these images, or comparable images, spread over into offline strategies is significant for providing an entire brand image to your small business that's identifiable by their individuals and clients who the organization does business with. Through the all-inclusive marketing strategy obtained by Infintech Designs, small companies can develop a stronger brand, and consequently, participate in a far better marketing effort general. Little companies are in a position to save lots of cash with this more successful strategy by merging services to just one firm to ensure that their advertising promotions are sleek, and therefore are a wiser investment.

    About Infintech Designs : Since 2008, Infintech Designs has been assisting smaller businesses in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana reinforce and enhance their marketing initiatives through both offline and on line marketing providers. Online, Infintech Designs works difficult to foster the business site in search engines like google and offer a number of strategies to compete at a higher degree and assist them get discovered by their clients. Offline, they place skilled graphic designers to function to produce eye-catching components for business shows, cards and more. To see their profile or to discover more depth about what Infintech Designs offers, see their site at

    Contact Person: Brian Hong


    Infintech Designs
    3110 Magazine St., #120
    New Orleans, LA 70115
    Phone: 504 717 4837

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    So what is the allure with wood flooring today?  Probably the wood itself which is the key ingredient that  always adds a richness and warmth in a room or space that takes over its feel.  The smell of wood and the natural designs that run along the inside of the tree’s core lends itself to a quality that defines its own character.  Feng shui or the ancient study of natural energy within a space has been studied for centuries dating back to ancient China where the forces of energy exist and take on their own persona. 

    Interestingly enough, the wood flooring market has been an indicator of the turning trend of our economic malaise.  Perhaps the premium pricing associated with natural wood portends the ability and willingness for people to spend more on this product than they would in times of economic strife.  Pine, oak, cedar, and even bamboo has entered the flooring material market to give a room that sense of outdoor quality with indoor warmth. 

    Unless there is a disaster that causes significant structural damage, the replacement of a wooden floor is generally a decision of choice and not mandatory.  The luxury of replacing a floor with a good quality wood is a delicacy to the interior of a home.   Its mere existence wraps its arms around the  walls and furniture and gives the rooms its character.  Contact American Wood Flooring at: (813) 991-7999 Located: 1285 Bruce B Downs Blvd   Wesley Chapel, Fl 33543 .  Check out their video at:

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    The monster storm Hurricane Sandy continues to bear down on the economy weeks after it initially wiped out much of the upper East Coast, destroying nearly everything in its path including retail and consumer goods distribution services and material goods transport companies. Though these types of natural events are nothing new for the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, all businesses and consumers suffer even more than they need to when they rely upon distributors who have centralized their operations in areas known for their devastating natural disasters.

    According to Larry Thompson, chief executive officer of Distribution Services, a major warehousing and distribution company with facilities in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, businesses and companies that rely on getting their products securely to market often are crippled when disasters such as hurricanes Sandy and Katrina devastate the local infrastructure.

    “Warehouses and distribution services located in areas often affected by natural phenomenon may be able to conveniently service their populations during low-risk times, but when a crisis or natural disaster strikes, their clients that rely on them for getting their products to market are often hamstrung because of the disaster,” Thompson said. “Even distributors not serving an affect area may be in trouble because they themselves are unable to get their clients products out of a certain area and to the rest of the country because of a disaster.”

    Thompson’s company, for example, Distribution Services, is centrally located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Not traditionally known as in the path of natural disaster, Thompson said he is able to service all areas of the United States at all times because of the location of his company. Establishing a presence in an area where there is little worry of nature’s influence ensures that there is little to no downtime for his customers, Thompson said, and if an area of the country is affected, Distribution Services is still able to meet its clients needs in every other area of the country.


    “Because Distribution Services is located in the heart of the United States, we are perfectly positioned to service our clients promptly and our transportation costs are some of the lowest in the country,” said Thompson. “Unfortunately, Sandy continues to wreak havoc on the upper East Coast, but even when the infrastructure has been restored, there are several warehouses and distribution facilities there whose operations have ground to a halt because of the storm. For us, that’s just not a problem, given our location in the U.S.”

    Distribution Services provides economical shipping of products to anywhere in the country, especially since it is conveniently located at the intersection of interstates 40 and 44,

    The variety of services Distribution Services offers include:

    • Order fulfillment and just-in-time delivery

    • Light assembly

    • Packaging, repackaging, and labeling

    • Transportation

    • Quality inspection

    • Freight forwarding

    • Crossdocking

    • Kitting

    • Inventory control

    Distribution Services also is able to leverage its Foreign Trade Zone #106 status to pass along savings to its customers through reduced customs delays, duty elimination/deferral and the ability to hold merchandise subject to quotas until these goods are ready for shipment. This status also allows U.S. manufactured orders sold domestically to be broken down for pick-and-pack “sets” maximizing the duty rate paid.

    “It is also important to find a centrally located warehousing and distribution company. The physical location of the warehouse and it’s proximity to major highways can be a crucial factor in their efficiency,” he said. “Distribution Services is not only centrally located for the United States, but also for all of North America, making us an excellent choice for your warehousing and distribution needs.”

    To learn more about Distribution Services, visit, or call 877-893-2266.



    About Distribution Services

    Distribution Services is a locally owned product fulfillment warehouse that provides comprehensive distribution solutions to a variety of customers in the wood, adhesives, rubber and steel industries, as well as retail and consumer product verticals. From start to finish, Distribution Services offers efficient and cost-effective services that are customizable to its client’s needs and budget. Distribution Services is able to receive raw materials or finished goods and provide business order fulfillment to customers on time, every time.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Sure, the U.S. banking system has been at the center of this housing storm, but rightfully so as the lending purses are only as good as the criteria of FICO scores (Fair Isaac) that often times appears to be chasing the market as opposed to leading it.  If asset valuations are established based on “comparative housing” prices that are set by realtors in a multiple listing report, then what concrete evidence is there to really quantify such numbers?  As this translates into affordability then becomes another matter.  This is probably more of an issue of balance sheet versus income statement centering on cash flow and debt service.

    The custom home builders that have maintained their custom clientele by working steadily with a special location, plot of attractive land, and passion for the dream house that some wait a lifetime to construct.  Following the clients that want a special home versus funneling a boilerplate constructed home that becomes an appendage of a development, is a decision that a developer must make that is fundamental to their existence.  But what is it that dictates and drives this decision?  Clearly, this is not a whimsical decision that is made based on a flip of the coin.  It is more a function of that which drives the reason a builder or developer entered this business in the first place.  The desire to build aesthetically appealing and attractive homes that one must construct and be proud of.  The trade off is that home that just becomes a commodity that only represents a revenue source that lines the wallet of the developer. 

    Custom home designer/ builders embody the artistic quality that most only wish that they could challenge their spirit with and the desire to pursue such a  dream.  The caveat is that it takes patience and time to work with the thought process of the customer and their sometimes whimsical nature.  A remodeling or home contractor that understands this, truly is a craftsman, not just a builder.  These inherent skills are more intuitive than they are learned, more art than science.  With this diverse skill set, it sets this industry apart where craftsmanship counts for a lot and pays dividends through tougher and financially constrained times. 

    Contact Boger Homes for a birds eye view and discussion about the custom design approach that can enhance your home and why this approach can make the difference.    (813) 949-0074.  View Boger Homes’ video for more insight.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

    0 0  -


    Bruce Buffer, who creates, designs and handles all product and promotion licensing surrounding the world famous "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE"™ trademark for his brother Michael Buffer will be revealing key insights into how entrepreneurs can create a brand that boosts sales and revenues.

    “Bruce is one of the world’s most outstanding branding expert. After all, he turned Michael Buffer’s brand into  a major international enterprise surpassing $400 million in retail sales,” explained JT Foxx. “Min-Mega Partnering attendees now have a rare chance to ‘get branded’ by Bruce so they can move their businesses forward in 2013 and beyond.”

    Mini Mega Partnering is a series of local business conferences where area entrepreneurs gather to network with each other and learn real-world techniques to start and grow their businesses.

     “In addition to this one-time opportunity to learn from Bruce Buffer, attendees will get a chance to hear some of my newest business success strategies all focused on one singular goal – joining the top one percent,” Foxx added, “It’s all about creating a blueprint for success and expanding circles of influence. After all, it only takes one deal, one opportunity, and one business relationship to change your life forever.”

    The free Mini-Mega Partnering event will be held December 13 and 14 at the Westminster Hotel in Livingston, NJ. For more information, visit

    About JT Foxx

    JT Foxx started investing with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and 1 cheap suit. Now just 6 years later, he has acquired and sold over 500 properties, closed over $40 million in real estate deals. He is a serial entrepreneur and the host of the syndicated weekend radio personality of the “JT Foxx Show” in the U.S. and Canada. He has started several multi-million dollar companies all over the world, became one the most sought after motivational speakers and recognized as one of the top wealth coaches in the world all by mastering the art of partnering, branding, networking, and marketing.


    JT Foxx Organization

    Phone: (877) 272-3031


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    Glendale, Arizona, December 13, 2012- Cycling isn't just an activity for kids any longer. The Lance Armstrong situation has proven that it's large business and even the news resulting from such legal cases are headlines worldwide. Or, metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, GA have shown bicycling is a viable solution to rush hour traffic by the opening of Fifth and West Peachtree Bike Project in October 2012. As for our local area, Arizona transformed its bike laws and regulations this year and suggested a multitude of advancements to make commuting by two wheels even simpler. Because of these changes and ever increasing energy prices, more adults in America are riding bicycles in their daily commute than ever seen prior.

    More commuter cyclists on the streets, unfortunately means more accidents, as cyclists and drivers interact more often. Glendale, AZ isn't an exception for this trend, especially because the city was presented a Gold Circle recipient through the League of American Cyclists because of its bicycle friendly guidelines and facilities in September 2011. The ever growing odds of bicycle accidents produce the requirement for a Glendale bicycle accident attorney who is an expert in, and knows the overall qualities of these kinds of accidents.

    The attorneys of Wade & Nysather Law Offices have decided to fill this need. This law firm presently handles other personal injury and accident cases, but has made the decision to concentrate their 20 plus years of experience on bicycle accident cases in Scottsdale and Glendale. Their vast experience makes them well-outfitted to handle specific issues, laws and regulations relating to these specific kinds of cases that don't arise in typical automobile cases. Furthermore, their policy of only being paid following a client’s compensation enables even the most budget-conscious family can get access to a high quality attorney.

    Regarding Wade & Nysather Law Offices

    Personal accident lawyers Mike Wade and Mike Nysather are the senior partners from the firm of Wade & Nysather Law Offices, that have been running the business for 25 years. The firm does not represent insurance providers or product producers, it just provides representation for  people and families. Since Wade & Nysather have practiced together, themselves or their lawyers have assisted 1000's of people and families to safeguard their legal privileges. Wade & Nysather Law Offices is a highly respected accident and injuries law practice with two easily situated offices in Glendale and Scottsdale, Arizona. The firm’s website address is  The Glendale office is located at:

    Wade & Nysather Law Offices
    16222 North 59th Avenue, Suite B-220
    Glendale, Arizona 85306
    Phone: (623) 748-9211 Fax: (623) 748-3022

    Contact Info-

    Luz Brophy, Office Manager 

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, December 18, 2012 ) Dothan, AL -- Buckhead Christian Ministry (BCM), an Atlanta-wide faith-based, non-profit organization is devoted to assisting those of all backgrounds and faiths who are in need of emergency assistance.

    BCM is supported by 28 churches, corporations and businesses, private and public foundations, civic groups, and thousands of individuals. This organization strives to prevent homelessness by providing educational opportunities and helping to furnish food, clothing and financial assistance for rent or utilities.

    BCM can provide short and long term assistance based on the applicant’s specific needs and many of their offerings focus on people who are currently employed but need help. BCM also offers transitional housing and a money management course.

    BCM offers assistance to individuals living in 15 metro-Atlanta zip codes. Food or clothing assistance, can be obtained by stopping by the BCM office located at 2847 Piedmont Road, NE, Atlanta or at the Buckhead THRIFTique at 800 Miami Circle Suite 160.

    Applicants for assistance should bring the following items:
    o A copy of their apartment lease/mortgage (Homeless clients may receive services without proof of residence),
    o A piece of "official" mail with the applicant’s name and address on it,
    o A picture ID,
    o A picture ID of any other adults living with them and,
    o Social Security Cards for everyone living with them.

    People who are homeless and in need of assistance may register for BCM’s Homeless Ministry on Thursdays. These individuals are given hygiene kits, snack bags, clothing, housing assistance and access to a phone and computer.

    More information about the services and programs that are available through Buckhead Christian Ministry can be obtained by calling 404-239-0058. Information concerning assistance with rent , mortgage or utility bills due to a crisis such as illness, job lay off, divorce etc. may be obtained by calling the Helpline at 404-239-0038.

    About the Cochran Firm
    Recognized as one of the nation’s premier law firms, The Cochran Firm handles cases on behalf of clients seeking a Personal Injury Lawyer, Criminal Defense, Medical Malpractice or Social Security Disability lawyer. The Firm can be reached at 1-800-THE-FIRM (1-800-843-3476) or visit their website at “Working For You.” Article by Ben Irwin, Esq.###

    Cochran Firm
    163 West Main Street
    Dothan, Alabama 36301
    1-800-THE-FIRM (1-800-843-3476)

    Ben Irwin

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    0 0 via - Paris, France, December 14, 2012
    Have you ever fantasized about a family or romantic trip to Paris France?  If you have, then you are probably aware that the best way to do this is getting a rental apartment and emersing yourself in the culture of Paris. If you have not thought about going to Paris, then you might want to.  With endless things to do, see, eat and buy it is truely one of the most magnificent cities in the world.  If you want to enjoy the city in style and comfort then consider getting a vacation rental.  They are affordable in comparison to a hotel and they are certainly more comfortable.  You can cook, relax, and enjoy the comforts of home while enjoying the highlights of Europe's Crown Jewel. Check the reviews online for a reputable rental agency to be sure your experience is as enjoyable as can be.  We recommend My Time In Paris as the best Paris vacation rental agency. See this from TripAdvisor:

    My Time in Paris rated Excellent on TripAdvisor

    My Time in Paris, a Paris France vacation rental company, has its apartments featured on TripAdvisor and Flipkey since July 2012. It has accommodated many families from TripAdvisor, who left no less than 20 online reviews with an overall score of 4.8/5 and 100% of them would stay again. My Time in Paris is now rated Excellent and received its “Excellence” badge on the homepage of its website:

     Two apartments are now recommended on TripAdvisor

     Due to “excellent” reviews, two apartments have updated from featured, to recommended on TripAdvisor:

     Studio with Terrace Paris Saint Germain des Prés is a beautiful studio apartment located in Saint Germain des Prés, on Rue de Seine. It has a lovely terrace on the rooftops of Paris and a charming decoration. It has 9 reviews on TripAdvisor with an overall score of 4.78/5

    Find out more about this apartment:

     Comfortable Studio Paris Saint Germain Rue de Buci is a lovely studio apartment located in Saint Germain des Prés, on Rue de Buci. It has a nice view on Rue de Buci and Rue Grégoire de Tours. It has 3 reviews on TripAdvisor with an overall score of 5/5

    Find out more about this apartment:

     Some Reviews from our past Guests

     I'll definitely stay here again if I return to Paris... :) It's truly a home away from home. Thank you Morgane, Caroline and Florent!! :) – Eva

    The apartment is fantastic - every facility - and the location is perfect to enjoy the "real "Paris!!! – George

    I have been in this apartment this year and I cannot imagine being in any other place but there in Paris. – John

    When I arrived at the apartment, I was so happy because the actual apartment and my mental image of it by the photos of the website were the same!! – Hideto

    Excellent location, excellent service and very good pricing. – Peter

    Contact us for more information or for a quote on a Paris Vacation Rental

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    ( December 13, 2012 --Auckland, NZ-- A+ SEO is now offering comprehensive SEO consulting services to businesses and individuals looking to organically improve their search engine rankings through SEO best practices. Google states that the top three spots for any given search gets approximately 66% of web traffic. That means websites ranking in the top three will see substantially much more traffic than websites that rank below the top three.

    The goal of A+ SEO consultation services is two-pronged; provide a customized SEO strategy for the individual or business website and to educate the website owner or administrator about SEO best practices. Haiming Jiang, Founder and President of A+ SEO puts it this way, “Our goal is to provide our clients with a detailed strategy to get them to the top of the rankings, but we also want to help educate them so they become SEO experts as well. We not only give them fish, we also teach them how to fish.”

    Clients can start off with a one-hour consultation tailored to their website. To get started, clients simply fill out a short internet form. After the form has been completed, an A+ SEO consultant will contact the prospective client within 24-hours to schedule the consultation. The website is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed before the meeting and a comprehensive report is prepared. Consultations consist of:

    •    Keyword research
    •    Competition analysis
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    •    Content strategies
    •    Off-page optimization

    The client receives a robust report of all topics and strategies covered including easy to follow SEO recommendations for their site.

    Should clients decide one of A+ SEO’s programs is suitable for their business; the $250 consultation fee is waived.

    To learn more about A+ SEO’s website consultation services visit:

    About A+ SEO

    A+ SEO was founded in 2008 by Google expert and former IT Engineer Haiming Jiang. Mr. Jiang and the rest of the A+ team specialize in helping individuals and organizations leverage the internet to increase website traffic, revenue and achieve first page rankings in Google and other popular search engines. The organization currently has over 110 client websites on the first page of Google with the number increasing more each day. A+ guarantees top 10 Google rankings built for long term success.



    Company Name: A+ SEO Search Engine Marketing
    Address: 6/331 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland
    Phone: (09) 448 1188
    Name: Haiming Jiang


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    Many well known fitness gurus are now suggesting that raspberry ketones are extremely useful for quick fat loss without any negative side effects. The same views have come out from a number of popular television shows and health websites, too. Distinguished fitness website's recently published article provides a detailed study of this natural remedy, revealing the reasons behind its fat loss potential. According to this article, the fat loss power of this natural cure can be attributed to its ability to increase the level of norepinephrine and activate lipase. The article also suggests that Raspberry Ketones Max is one of the best raspberry ketone supplements in the market at present. is a highly trusted online platform that regularly publishes health related news, product updates, reviews etc. Their recent article informs that excellent raspberry ketones results have been observed in clinical studies conducted on rats. These results indicate that it can effectively restrict the onset of obesity. The human body tends accumulate fat immediately after the consumption of fat containing meals. Raspberry ketone can prevent this by regulating blood triglyceride level after such meals. The article suggests the raspberry ketone supplements are useful because otherwise, one may need to consume a huge number of raspberries for achieving decent results.

    This article also helps readers choose the most effective supplements with their raspberry ketone reviews. Raspberry Ketones Max has been strongly recommended in the website because 300 mgs of raspberry ketone is present in each serving of this supplement. Many users from different corners of the world have already received excellent results from Raspberry Ketones Max. “I've spent years trying to get a flat belly, and nothing has ever worked. Now that I've started using Raspberry Ketones, I finally have the sexy belly I've always dreamed of. Thank you so much, Raspberry Ketone Max”, says Elizabeth B. from UK, one of the many satisfied members of the program.

    DietRecommendations is currently recommending their readers to try a special offer and discount here:

    About is a closely followed health and fitness website offering regular advice on nutrition, health supplements, and workouts.





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    Best Drumming Videos, a new site that’s so much more than videos about drumming, officially announced the launch of its website today after its founder, Ian Worrall, has spent the last four months building out its content, procuring and posting educational videos and developing new content for the site’s visitors.

    Best Drumming Videos is dedicated to providing some of the best, latest and most innovative educational insight about drumming to support drummers of all kinds, from beginner to expert, in their pursuit of becoming the best drummer they can be.

    According to Worrall, the site is designed with one thing in mind: “To share the joy and love of drumming.”

    As might be imagined, the site features a litany of videos related to drumming including a variety of topics such as:

    “The videos featured are highly instructional in their nature,” said Worrall, “but the content also is designed to be exciting and engaging, and offer students of all skill and age levels new information and fresh perspective into certain approaches to making music.”

    The site is updated daily with a fresh video that features an outstanding drum performance. A sampling of recent video titles includes “Snare Drum Solo,” “Matt Cameron Drum Solo,” “Alex Van Halen Drum Solo” and “Swiss Army Drummers,” and many others.

    Each of the sites’ embedded videos are typically short, yet informative and engaging, Warroll said. They provide lovers of drums with their daily fix of high-quality drumming at its finest from some of the best in music.

    To learn more about Best Drumming Videos or to watch some of the site’s hand-picked videos,  


    About Best Drumming Videos

    Best Drumming Videos is dedicated to providing some of the best, latest and most innovative educational videos to support drummers of all kinds, from beginner to expert, through their pursuit of becoming the best drummer they can be. The site was launched in August 2012 by its founder, Ian Worrall, and is updated daily with the highest quality hand-picked videos about drumming, drum technique and drum lessons.

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    With more than 20 years of service, Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U continues to win the day when called to conduct hot water extraction carpet and area rug cleaning and ridding upholstery of grit and accumulated grim. A market leader for more than two decades, Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U has dedicated itself to educating consumers about carpet cleaning techniques and carpet care. In line with this business approach, the company recently posted an educational tutorial recording that provides guidance about the most common carpet cleaning misconceptions and the prevalent issues consumers face when hiring a company to clean their carpets.

    Through the educational tutorial, Carpet Cleaning Keninsgton 4 U provides guidance and insight for consumers to consider before they hire a carpet cleaning contractor and during the actual process. For example, there are several things to consider when making the decision to hire a qualified carpet cleaning company, said Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U owner, Peter Thomas.  

    “Consumers need to ask themselves, and their potential carpet cleaning contractor, several questions prior to hiring a company,” Peter said. “All carpet cleaning companies are not the same, though, and every one of them will portray themselves to have the most experience, the best prices and will promise to take the most thorough approach to cleaning your carpets.”

    Among the variety of things to consider when hiring a carpet cleaner is if they are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), as is Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U.

    Additionally, consumers should ask several of the following questions to ensure they hire a company committed to performing high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction:

    • What procedure do they recommend?

    • Is the carpet groomed following cleaning?

    • How is their pricing model established?

    • Will they pay more for labor to move furniture or is this included in the price?

    • Is their work guaranteed?

    In addition to these considerations, Peter also addresses several misconceptions people have about the carpet cleaning process.

    For example:

    • It is okay to wait as long as possible  for carpets to be cleaned

    • The only reason to clean carpet is to get the dirt out

    • One method of carpet cleaning is as good as another

    • Dry cleaning is the same as hot water extraction (or steam cleaning)

    • Having the right equipment means one is qualified to use it

    • The lowest price is always the right price

    • A rented carpet cleaner cleans carpets just as thoroughly as a professional carpet cleaning company

    “The decision to hire a professional carpet cleaning company bear more weight and carries more consequences than many people consider,” said Peter. “We’re simply trying to educate the community and our customers about the reasons for and the necessity of regular cleaning and maintenance.”

    Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U specializes in both commercial and residential treatment, and is certified in Commercial CPT Maintenance by the IICRC, and serves all of Kensington, London, Poplar, Cambridge, Brighton, Hampstead, Islington, Barons Court, Fulham, Kings Road, Chelsea Harbour, Sloane Street, Kensington Gardens, Holland Park, Chelsea Harbour and Shepherds Bush.

    The company is committed to providing the highest quality customer service, and educating consumers about how to avoid be taken advantage of, said Peter, which is the reason he assembled the educational tutorial recording.

    For more information about Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U, To listen to the educational tutorial, visit



    About Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U

    Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4 U has been providing a high standard of carpet cleaning for more than 20 years and are one of the most sought out cleaning companies in the Kensington area. The company is certified in Commercial CPT Maintenance by the IICRC, and serves all of Kensington, London, Poplar, Cambridge, Brighton, Barons Court, Fulham, Kings Road, Chelsea Harbour, Sloane Street, Kensington Gardens, Holland Park, Chelsea Harbour and Shepherds Bush. The company specialises in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning including upholstery and Stain guard.

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    Sandy Braningan, fitness expert and author announced today the release of the new report, “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You.” The report shares Braningan’s personal stories of success and failure in pursuit of an effective weight-loss regimen and to stay fit. Through the report, Braningan describes his personal secrets to losing weight quickly by implementing a series of small steps that are all part of a complete fat burning program, and offers relevant advice to help anyone lose weight and stay slim for the long term.

    Braningan developed the short report to work in conjunction with his program, The Diet Solution Program. The focus of each is adjusting diets to focus more on eating right without cutting out foods that are important to health and well being, but rather making adjustments to a current meal plan to avoid binges and over eating during cravings.

    But the approach Braningan outlines in “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss” are simple to follow, cost nothing to implement and can be incorporated into anyone’s everyday life.

    “One of the reasons I believe this works so well for losing weight is that it isn’t boring,” said Braningan of his weight-loss program. “Most people get off track pretty quickly with a diet because it’s hard to stick with the same old thing every day.

    “My diet program gets it when it comes to sticking with a system. The biggest step dieters face even after the weight is gone is realizing that little steps equal big results.”

    Some of the following tips are offered in the report, and though they may seem overly simple, they are effective in helping change people’s mindset about food and their approach to it:

    • Put the healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, on the top shelf of the refrigerator

    • Consider “Egg Beaters” for breakfast instead of cereal

    • Put a blue light in the refrigerator

    • Eat fruit or other low-carb food before a big meal

    • Eliminate added sugar from meals (non-natural sugars)

    • Avoid foods with sugar as a top three ingredient

    • Avoid white foods, like white bread and white rice (whole grain bread and brown rice are okay)

    • Eat only when the belly growls

    But, more than “tips,” what is most required during any weight loss routine is the proper mind set. Discipline, repetition, control and the desire to make lifestyle changes are the true factors that equate to success, Braningan said.

    Weight loss is a mind set, one that requires a system that works for the individual person,” Braningan said.  “I highly recommend that people get involved with a program that has a community; one that will not leave someone stranded.”

    Thus, in addition the simple tips offered by Braningan in “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You,” the Diet Solution Program also has its own forum where users support each other and trade strategies, tips and offer guidance, exercise routines and provide recipes to other users.

    Braningan’s report, “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You,” is available as a free download at

    To learn more about the Diet Solutions Program forum, visit


    About Sandy Braningan

    Sandy Braningan is an author and weight lose expert who published the weight loss report, “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You,” and manages the weight loss forum the Diet Solutions Program. Braningan’s programs center about the concept of supporting a positive mindset rather than providing strategy and technique for how to lose weight. The Diet Solutions Program is a community forum of individuals who encourage, offer insight and guidance to individuals seeking long-term weight loss.

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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